Destroying Their Glory: A Demon’s Guide (Mark Ballenger)

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Destroying their glory, by mark ballener

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Does your life seem harder than it needs to be? Does it feel like there is always something opposing you? Perhaps there is.

In this fun but scholarly work of fiction, a high ranking demon (Methodios) has written a self-help book for his struggling pupils. Learn first hand how the enemy has been assaulting your glory so you can reclaim your freedom, restore your most important relationships, and love God better than ever before.

After giving his pupils the proper motivations to mar God’s people, Methodios focuses on five categories of assaults meant to supercharge any demon’s lethality. The five lessons are: Staying Hidden, The Power of Pride, Destroying Their Purpose, Using and Attacking Human Relationships, and Attacking Their Intimacy with God.

In this brutal and bloody war, a believer’s successes and failures depend upon one thing – being intimately connected to Jesus. The enemy knows this, which is why the army of darkness ferociously attacks this very area of a Christian’s life.

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