5 Signs God Uses to Warn You About a Soul-Crushing Woman

Proverbs 21:19

When I say “a woman is crushing your soul,” I’m not referring to your eternal salvation. Rather, I’m saying your soul, the immaterial parts that make you who you are, is being assaulted and damaged by this woman. Proverbs 18:14, “A man’s spirit will endure sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?”

4 Biblical Marks of a Woman with Demonic Influence Sent to Attack You

Revelation 2:20

Satan could try to attack you directly in an all-out confrontation. However, in most cases, that’s the last thing he will try to do. Before he reveals his presence, he will usually attack you from the shadows. Why? Because it’s much harder to defend against an enemy you don’t realize you have.

4 Signs God Is Telling You to Stop All Communication with a Man

It can be really difficult for a woman to know when she should stop talking to a man. Is he pursuing you or playing you? Is he trying to be respectful by going slow or is he just too passive? Is he inconsistent for a good reason or is he just a flaky man who is wasting your time?