5 Things You Will See When God Is Trying to Warn You About Something

Psalm 32:8

Are you just getting cold feet about this relationship, or is God trying to say something to you? Are you just nervous about starting a new job, or is God telling you to stay at your current place of employment? Are you just being paranoid, or is that bad feeling you got from the Lord?

4 Biblical Principles Regarding Manifesting Your Destiny, Speaking It Into Existence, and The Law of Attraction

1 John 5:14-15

Are you unmarried because God is waiting for you to manifest this destiny into existence? Do you lack the finances you desire because you have not specifically named and then claimed the exact dollar amount you want? Would God give you the physical healing you need if you used the law of attraction?

4 Reasons God’s Promise to You Didn’t Happen Yet

1 Samuel 1:20

Maybe you heard God say, “That is the man you will marry one day.” Or maybe you felt God said, “That woman will come back into your life one day.” Or maybe you sensed God whispering, “Don’t worry, I will bless you with a better job soon.”

4 Signs God Is Simply Delaying Your Desire Rather Than Denying It

James 4:3

Perhaps you have prayed for a spouse, but you are still single. Perhaps you have prayed for a better career situation, but there doesn’t appear to be any open doors. Or maybe you have a reoccurring sin in your life that you wish God would remove, but no matter what you try it remains. Is God delaying your desire or denying it?