4 Ways God Will Increase Your Faith

bible faith increase

Romans 10:17

The Bible is clear that the effectiveness of our prayers and the peace we will experience in life is directly related to the proportion of our faith in God. However, we must be careful we do not slip into the unbiblical thinking that puts the emphasis on the size of our faith rather than on the object of our faith.

Is God Keeping You Single Because of Your Past Sins? (4 Biblical Answers)

Is God keeping you single because of past sin

1 John 1:9

Is God keeping you single because of your past sin? This is an easy question to answer when we take it literally at face value. However, when people ask this question, there are often other deeper questions behind it that are actually being asked.

So here are 4 answers to the question, “Is God keeping me single because of my past sins?”

4 Things God Is Accomplishing Through Your Season of Waiting

Why Is God Making You Wait?

why is God making me wait

Lamentations 3:25-27

It’s hard to know what God is up to in your life when you are in a season of waiting on the Lord. Perhaps you are waiting for the right job, the right word of confirmation, or the right relationship. But why is God making you wait so long?

Here are 4 things the Lord might be accomplishing through your season of waiting.

5 Things That Will Happen to You When You Meet The One

how will God tell you who to marry

Romans 14:23

Here are 5 things that will happen in your life when you meet the one God has for you.

And since this is such a big topic, if you have more questions about meeting your future spouse, you might want to check out my book called The One: How to Know and Trust God’s Sovereign Plan for Your Future Marriage.