What Does the Bible Say About “Looking for The One” Versus “Waiting for The One”?

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Inevitable, since I talk about so many topics revolving around “how to find the one,” I often get commends such as, “You should not look for the one. Just live your life and let the person come to you naturally. What God has for you will work itself out!”

4 Biblical Principles Regarding Manifesting Your Destiny, Speaking It Into Existence, and The Law of Attraction

1 John 5:14-15

Are you unmarried because God is waiting for you to manifest this destiny into existence? Do you lack the finances you desire because you have not specifically named and then claimed the exact dollar amount you want? Would God give you the physical healing you need if you used the law of attraction?

4 Reasons God’s Promise to You Didn’t Happen Yet

1 Samuel 1:20

Maybe you heard God say, “That is the man you will marry one day.” Or maybe you felt God said, “That woman will come back into your life one day.” Or maybe you sensed God whispering, “Don’t worry, I will bless you with a better job soon.”

4 Signs God Is Simply Delaying Your Desire Rather Than Denying It

James 4:3

Perhaps you have prayed for a spouse, but you are still single. Perhaps you have prayed for a better career situation, but there doesn’t appear to be any open doors. Or maybe you have a reoccurring sin in your life that you wish God would remove, but no matter what you try it remains. Is God delaying your desire or denying it?

4 Things God Tells You to Do When You Need Clear Confirmation About Someone

Isaiah 30:21

Maybe you feel like God told you, “That person is the one for you.” But what if you’re wrong? How will you know if you misheard God? Or maybe you feel like God said, “You should move on and stop waiting.” But what if you should keep waiting? How will God confirm that he really does not want you with that person?

5 Signs the Door Appears to Be Closed But It’s Actually Not

Revelation 3:8

Maybe you wanted to be with someone but it appears your desire is not going to happen. Or maybe you wanted to be a published author but it feels like no one will ever accept your book proposals. Or maybe you wanted to start a new career path, but no matter what you try you just can’t get the ball rolling.

5 Signs You’re in the Waiting Stage Before God’s Will Happens

Matthew 6:33

By the term “a waiting stage,” I’m talking about a season of life where God just wants you to wait before making proactive steps towards his will for you. Eventually God will lead you to do something, but oftentimes he’s simply telling you to wait for the right time.