5 Signs the Door Appears to Be Closed But It’s Actually Not

Revelation 3:8

Maybe you wanted to be with someone but it appears your desire is not going to happen. Or maybe you wanted to be a published author but it feels like no one will ever accept your book proposals. Or maybe you wanted to start a new career path, but no matter what you try you just can’t get the ball rolling.

5 Signs You’re in the Waiting Stage Before God’s Will Happens

Matthew 6:33

By the term “a waiting stage,” I’m talking about a season of life where God just wants you to wait before making proactive steps towards his will for you. Eventually God will lead you to do something, but oftentimes he’s simply telling you to wait for the right time.

3 Signs Satan Is Preventing You from Hearing the Voice of God

John 10:10

Are you trying to hear the voice of God, but for some reason you just can’t? Do you want God to answer your question about a relationship, but for some reason he just isn’t? Or maybe you feel distant from the Lord and no matter what you try, it feels like there is a spiritual wall blocking you from God’s leading.