How to Be Respected as a Man

how to be a man Bible

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

How can you be more respected by others as a man? Ultimately you cannot control the feelings and behavior of others. There is no way to actually “make” someone respect you more.

However, there are ways you can act that can influence how other people speak to you, treat you, and perceive you. There’s a reason that some men are respected by lots of people and other men are barely respected at all.

How to Let a Christian Guy Know That You’re Interested

how to let a christian guy know that you like him

Proverbs 21:9

Christian single women often feel trapped by the teachings they find in church. They are told that marriage is a wonderful thing and they hear all these love stories sprinkled through the pastor’s sermon, but they are also told they must not do anything but wait to be found by the man of their dreams.

How to Interpret Dreams and “Prophesies” About Dating and Your Future Marriage

interpreting dreams

1 Corinthians 14:33

Lately many people have been asking about interpreting dreams from God, specifically when it comes to dreams about dating and their future marriage. Another common question that has been coming in lately is about prophesy. For example, someone “prophesied over” over a guy and told him something specific that they “saw” in his future like, “I see you surrounded by a woman and lots of children.”

4 Dating Tips for Older Single Christians Who Want to Be Married

dating advice for older adults

Luke 1:7,4-25

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions from older Christian singles who want to be married. They have been asking about what dating advice there is for them and what changes should they make to their dating approach since they are getting a little bit older.

Here are 4 Christian dating tips for older adults who would like to be married.