3 Ways God Will Help You Get Over Someone You Never Dated

Romans 12:11-12

Are you finding it difficult to get over someone you never even dated? It can be confusing to feel hurt and broken about a relationship that never even happened, but it is very possible (and common) to feel really hurt when a you liked someone but then it becomes apparent a relationship is not going to occur with this person.

Is God Keeping You Single Because of Your Past Sins? (4 Biblical Answers)

Is God keeping you single because of past sin

1 John 1:9

Is God keeping you single because of your past sin? This is an easy question to answer when we take it literally at face value. However, when people ask this question, there are often other deeper questions behind it that are actually being asked.

So here are 4 answers to the question, “Is God keeping me single because of my past sins?”