3 Things God Does to a Narcissist

Acts 20:35

“Why is God letting that narcissist thrive in life while I’m over here suffering in silence?” “Why can’t people see the truth about this person? They are clearly manipulating others for their own profit.” “I just don’t understand why God would allow that narcissist to treat me like that. Why won’t God do anything?”

4 Reasons God Is Disappointing You

Luke 10:38-42 sermon

What does the Bible say about being disappointed with God?

As Christians, it’s okay to be disappointed with circumstances. We can even be disappointed with things that God allows. But we should never be disappointed with God himself because then we are saying our will is better than God’s will.

3 Signs God Will Require More Trust from You Soon

Joshua 1:9

All of us are on a journey with the Lord. When we put our faith in Jesus, we are born into a new life (John 3:16). But we don’t know all we need to know, we don’t possess all the maturity we need to possess, and we are not yet fully capable of walking in the callings God has for us in the years ahead.