4 Reasons God Is Disappointing You

Luke 10:38-42 sermon

What does the Bible say about being disappointed with God?

As Christians, it’s okay to be disappointed with circumstances. We can even be disappointed with things that God allows. But we should never be disappointed with God himself because then we are saying our will is better than God’s will.

4 Hard Things God Puts You Through Before an Easy Relationship Comes

Ephesians 4:26-31

By the term “easy relationship,” I’m not talking about a perfect relationship that never has any issues and never has any hard moments. But having hard moments and difficult seasons in a relationship is different than having an overall “hard relationship” that is mostly difficult with just short seasons of peace now and then. 

3 Reasons God Let a Breakdown Happen in Your Life

Hebrews 12:11

Perhaps your career was always a bit of a grind, but then you lost your job and now your finances are even worse. Perhaps you were generally out of shape physically, but then you got really sick. Or perhaps your mental health was always a bit rocky, but then recently you had a full mental health breakdown.