5 Signs You’re in the Waiting Stage Before God’s Will Happens

Matthew 6:33

By the term “a waiting stage,” I’m talking about a season of life where God just wants you to wait before making proactive steps towards his will for you. Eventually God will lead you to do something, but oftentimes he’s simply telling you to wait for the right time.

5 Hints God Is Drawing Your Attention to Someone

Genesis 24:50

God probably won’t just tell you, “That’s your future spouse” right when you meet “your person” for the first time. However, as you two walk down the relationship paths God will use to draw you to each other, he will be giving you hints along the way that this is indeed the right person to focus on.

3 Things God Always Does to a Cheater

Proverbs 6:32

What does the Bible say about cheating?

“Why did God let my ex cheat on me and then get into another relationship before he blessed me with a new relationship?” “Why did God allow me to get hurt so bad while it seems like this person who was unfaithful is happy and blessed?” “What will God do about this person’s sins against me?”