6 Male Insecurities that Cause Problems in Dating and Prevent Marriage

Romans 12:9

As a Christian woman, you want a man who can understand your insecurities, a man who is patient with you as you work through them, and a man who is willing to grow with you in a committed relationship. If you want a man like that, one of the best things you can do is to be that type of woman to him.

4 Signs God Is Saying, “They’re Wasting Your Time”

Proverbs 14:23

Perhaps you have feelings for someone, and this person seems to have feelings for you too. But for some reason they keep telling you they are not quite ready for a relationship right now? Or maybe you are in a relationship with someone but it’s nothing like you imagined it to be. Should you let it go or try to adapt and enjoy it for what it is?

3 Things God Does to a Narcissist

Acts 20:35

“Why is God letting that narcissist thrive in life while I’m over here suffering in silence?” “Why can’t people see the truth about this person? They are clearly manipulating others for their own profit.” “I just don’t understand why God would allow that narcissist to treat me like that. Why won’t God do anything?”

3 Insecurities in a Man that Stop Him from Pursuing You

Song of Solomon 2:3

Most Christians agree that it’s the man’s job to pursue. However, this principle gets stated so often that we forget how hard this is for many men. As a woman, if you don’t know about some of the insecurities a man has about pursuing you, you may do things that actually prevent him from pursuing you because you are feeding these fears in him.