How to Detect a Deceptive Woman

Joshua 9:1-27

As a man, never say things like “All women are liars” or “Women can’t be trusted.” Some women are liars and some women can’t be trusted; but anytime we lump a large group into a narrow definition that is based upon our personal experiences with just a few people from that group, we are lying to ourselves.

4 Reasons God Is Disappointing You

Luke 10:38-42 sermon

What does the Bible say about being disappointed with God?

As Christians, it’s okay to be disappointed with circumstances. We can even be disappointed with things that God allows. But we should never be disappointed with God himself because then we are saying our will is better than God’s will.

How to Truly Answer God’s Calling for You

Applying Luke 3:4-20

Luke 3:4-20

If there was ever a person who knew he was submitting to God’s calling on his life, it was John the Baptist. By applying Luke 3:4-20 to the question, “How can we know when we are submitting to God’s call on our lives?” we can discover at least 5 ways.

9 Warning Signs Someone Is a Delilah

What Does the Bible Say About Delilah?

Judges 16:1-22

While spiritual warfare can certainly be involved when a Delilah is present in our lives, I’m not specifically talking about a “spirit of Delilah” in this article. I’m referring to someone who has similar traits as this evil woman Delilah as described in the Bible. Because I’m going to be talking about her in a symbolic way, just know that a man or a woman can be a Delilah.