4 Things Satan Will Try to Do When You Like Someone

James 4:7

Liking someone is not bad. It’s good. God made men and women to desire marriage and so it’s natural for two single people to have feelings they want to explore to see if marriage might be in their future together. But Satan will certainly try to use your feelings against you. Feelings for another person can be used for God’s glory or they can be used to lead you into sin. Satan is an opportunist. His desire is to use everything in your life for bad.

4 Reasons God Let Someone Fall in Love with You Even Though You Don’t Love Them Back

Ephesians 4:15

A few weeks ago I wrote an article titled 4 Reasons God Let You Fall in Love with Someone Who Does Not Love You Back. Many of you asked the follow up question, “Why would God allow someone to fall in love with me even though I don’t love them back?”