5 Spiritual Red Flags God Will Use to Keep You Out of a Dangerous Relationship

Psalm 19:11

Are you being too judgmental? Are your standards too high? Will you always be single if you don’t compromise on your spiritual requirements for a spouse? 

Or are you being too risky by giving someone a chance who is showing signs of immaturity? Are you ignoring God’s command to guard your heart because you are trying to be too nice to people that you should just reject?

5 Things You Will Not Need to Do When God Reveals Your Future Husband

Ruth 3:11, 18

A hard relationship is not necessarily the wrong relationship. Confusion is not always a sign God is saying no. And while the man is the pursuer, this does not mean you will get to sit there and do nothing while your future husband does all the hard parts of making this relationship come into existence.

4 Biblical Ways to Meet Christian Single Men (Besides Going to Church)

Ruth 1:22

“Besides church, where can I meet Christian single men?” This is a question I’ve received a lot from Christian single women who want to be married one day. They want to be inviting, they want a man to pursue them, but they are unsure of where to meet eligible men who love the Lord.

4 Things God Tells You to Do When You Need Clear Confirmation About Someone

Isaiah 30:21

Maybe you feel like God told you, “That person is the one for you.” But what if you’re wrong? How will you know if you misheard God? Or maybe you feel like God said, “You should move on and stop waiting.” But what if you should keep waiting? How will God confirm that he really does not want you with that person?