4 Reasons God Allowed a Great Relationship to Get Ruined

Matthew 7:9-11

Maybe you and someone were building a great friendship that seemed to be headed towards dating, but then this person started dating someone else. Or maybe you two did start dating and things were going great the first six months, but then you started fighting about silly things and broke up. Or maybe you two were even engaged only to have the whole thing called off at the last minute.

3 Things God Always Does to an Egomaniac

Esther 7:10

“I thought God hates pride. So why is this prideful person flourishing?” “It doesn’t seem like my humility is helping me in my career. People who are exalting themselves seem to be getting all the promotions.” “Why do these rude, egotistical people seem to all be in relationships while I’m still single?”

3 Signs Satan Is Using a Trauma Bond Against You

2 Corinthians 3:17

Have you ever wondered why you can’t let someone go in your heart even though you know in your mind that this person is not good for you? Do you keep letting yourself get misused by an unstable person because you feel badly for them? Or do you feel obligated to help someone even though they constantly take you for granted? If so, you may be experiencing a trauma bond. 

How to Detect a Deceptive Woman

Joshua 9:1-27

As a man, never say things like “All women are liars” or “Women can’t be trusted.” Some women are liars and some women can’t be trusted; but anytime we lump a large group into a narrow definition that is based upon our personal experiences with just a few people from that group, we are lying to ourselves.