Luke 18:1-8 Bible Study

...with videos and questions.

Looking for a free Bible study on Luke 18:1-8? Want videos and questions too?

Never Quit is a free Bible study on Luke 18:1-8 and has 2 in-depth videos with questions as well. This free eBook is broken up into 5 easy to read chapters. Just click the book title and instantly start enjoying this free Bible study on Luke 18:1-8.

Luke 18 1-8

In addition to this free eBook, I also have two video Bible studies on Luke 18:1-8 which highlight some of the main themes in Never Quit.

In video 1 we cover Luke 18:1. This Bible verse is really the thesis statement for the rest of Luke 18:1-8. Here we learn what Jesus’ motivation was in teaching this parable about a desperate widow and an unjust judge. Jesus wanted to teach us how to always pray and never give up. But how does a parable about a widow and an unjust judge accomplish this goal?

In video 1 of this Bible study on Luke 18:1-8, we answer three questions:

1. What is prayer?

2. Why is prayer so important?

3. How can you pray with more passion and power?

In video 2 of this Bible study on Luke 18:1-8, we cover Luke 18:2-8. By studying this passage we learn a lot about God. When our beliefs about God are strengthened and clarified, our prayers become more powerful. What we believe about God drastically affects our prayer life.

In video 2 of this Bible study on Luke 18:1-8, we cover these three questions:

1. How does dwelling on the character and qualities of God affect your prayer life?

2. If God is sovereign, why does he still want us to pray?

3. How does knowing how the story ends in the future help us live in the present?

This free Bible study on Luke 18:1-8 works well for personal devotional time or for a small group Bible study as well. Send everyone in your small group Bible study this web page so they can get a free copy of Never Quit or simply watch these YouTube videos together at your small group Bible study. To view these videos directly on YouTube, click here: Luke 18:1-8 Bible Study.

Through studying Luke 18:1-8 we can develop a strong and powerful prayer life through the grace of Jesus Christ.

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