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 Intertwined: Our Happiness Is Tied to God’s Glory

Intertwined by Mark Ballenger

Paperback: $12.99 (Amazon)

Kindle eBook: $4.99 (Amazon)

2 Free Sample Chapters (PDF)

Description: Throughout the pages of Scripture, God is not teaching us how to create utopia on earth but rather how to live a passionate life in the midst of great tragedy and triumph, in relational ups and downs, in success and failures. Internal happiness is available all the time when we no longer seek our joy in this earthly life but rather in the eternal life of Christ.

Intertwined is meant to dust off the cobwebs of the most profound phrase ever given to humanity, “The glory of God.” When we rediscover what this means, we have rediscovered the path to everything good.

Happiness, purpose, and freedom are available, but it all depends on intertwining your good with God’s glory.

About the Author:  Mark Ballenger’s writings have been featured on a variety of popular ministries including,,, and many others. He writes daily on the popular website he founded, Mark has a master’s degree in pastoral counseling and lives in Cleveland with his wife and two children.

Length: 181 pages, Type: paperback, Kindle eBook, PDF

Basic Transformation: A Bible Study on Christian Transformation (Free eBook)

basic transformation a small group bible study on christian transformation

Description: This book is a small group Bible study on the basics of change. It also works great for personal devotion time as well.

Each chapter takes a foundational Christian truth and applies it to the area of transformation. God tells us all to come as we are, but he always intends to change us once we do finally come to him.

Each of the eight chapters are structured into three sections: what, why, and how. What is the topic? Why is this topic key for transformation? How can I apply this truth in my life?

Each of the three sections in every chapter has two conversational questions meant to be discussed with others. Each chapter concludes with four additional reflection questions. Thus there are six in-text questions and four reflection questions for a total of ten questions per chapter.

This is a great Bible study if you are looking to reflect on the foundations of Christianity with a fresh focus aimed on application and transformation.

Author: Mark Ballenger, Length 87 pages, Type: PDF

Built to Last: 24 Signs Your Church Is Super Healthy (FREE eBook)

built to last, 24 signs of a super healthy church, by mark ballenger

Description: Recent statistics show that every year in the US, 4000 churches close their doors while only 1000 new churches are planted. Among existing churches, half did not add any new members to their ranks in the last two years. From 1990 to 2000, the combined membership of all Protestant denominations dropped by almost 5 million members, while the US population rose by 24 million.1

These are alarming statistics!

Each church that shuts down represents real people who have lost their church family. So if you are someone looking for a new church, someone wondering if their church is built to last, or someone who would love to help their church improve, here are 24 signs of a super healthy church.

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Author: Mark Ballenger, Length: 23 pages, Type: PDF


Never Quit: 5 Dynamic Prayer Lessons that Will Empower Your Life and Protect Your Heart, (FREE eBook)

For the corresponding videos and questions that go along with this book, click here.

Kindle eBook: $2.99

Never Quit by mark ballenger

Description: Jesus knows what we’ve been through and he knows what’s ahead. He knows how easy it will be for us to give up. And so in kindness, he offers us a way out; or perhaps to say it a better way, he offers us a way through. He teaches us how to never quit.

In a short but powerful parable found in Luke 18:1-8, Jesus uses the persistence of a desperate widow to open our minds to the awesome love and sovereignty of God. And when we embrace these two core truths about God, it changes everything, especially our prayer life.

In Never Quit, you will learn 5 cornerstone truths that are essential to any passionate and powerful prayer life. Jesus prayed so well and accomplished so much because he believed God so accurately. He wants you to be able to pray like him, and after embracing his teachings found in Luke 18:1-8, your prayer life will never be the same.

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Author: Mark Ballenger, Length: 46 pages, Type: PDF

Destroying Their Glory: A Demon’s Guide, (Free eBook)

Destroying their glory, by mark ballener

Description: Does your life seem harder than it needs to be? Does it feel like there is always something opposing you? Perhaps there is.

In Destroying Their Glory: A Demon’s Guide, you will learn firsthand how to overcome the enemy by reading the words of Methodios, a high ranking enemy commander charged with writing a self-help book for struggling demons.

If you desire to overcome the enemy’s deceptive arrows, strengthen your purpose for living, protect your relationships with people you love, and (most importantly) gain more intimacy with God, you will greatly benefit from reading Destroying Their Glory: A Demon’s Guide.

Click here to learn more and download your free copy.

Author: Mark Ballenger, Length: 300 pages, Type:PDF eBook

Clarity: See God’s Larger Story and Know His Specific Path for Your Life in 31 Days, (FREE, eBook)

Clarity Book Cover 2

Description: Is your world hazy? Feeling stuck? Are you wondering what is God’s will for your life? Or perhaps you feel your lack of direction in life is because you got off of God’s path and you can’t quite find your way back. This is not what God wants for you.

Life will always be confusing, God usually doesn’t give us more light than we need to just see the next step to take, but through the pages of God’s larger story, he desires for us to have purpose, passion, and meaningful direction.

God wants to give you clarity. . . . To learn more, click here.

To read it, just click here.

Author: Mark Ballenger, Length: 70 pages, Type:PDF eBook

Redeemed Like David: How to Overcome Sexual Temptation

how to overcome sexual temptation

Paperback (plus leader’s guide and small group study questions) sold through Amazon for $12.99

Kindle eBook: $2.99

PDF: Free

Description: Do you desire to overcome lust, porn, masturbation, and all other forms of sexual temptation? Do you value the power of God’s Word? Redeemed Like David offers a Christ-centered, Bible-based blueprint for overcoming all forms of sexual sin.

Perhaps the most notorious sexual failure in the whole Bible was King David’s affair with Bathsheba. And yet, even with this massive sexual blemish in David’s past, God still called King David “a man after my own heart” (Acts 13:22). How can this be?

The key to understanding David’s redemption is Psalm 51. In Redeemed Like David you will find that Psalm 51 is a roadmap on how to break free from the addictive sexual sins that have consistently plagued you. To learn more, click here.

Author: Mark Ballenger, Length: 199 pages, Type: Paperback, Kindle eBook, and PDF

The Ultimate Guide to Christian Singleness, by Mark Ballenger

Paperback (with small group study questions) sold through Amazon for $12.99

Kindle Version Sold through Amazon for $4.99

Free PDF

Description: Christian singleness brings so many unknowns. Am I called to a life of singleness? How do I know if God wants me to be married one day? Is God punishing me with singleness because of my past sins? How can I glorify God during my season of Christian singleness? How can I find a Christian spouse? Am I good enough for someone to love me?

Along with all the unknowns come intense emotions. It can feel like a punch in the gut every time you see another friend make an engagement announcement on social media. Your loneliness can be unbearable after a bad dating breakup. Once you start counting the months (or years) since you’ve been on your last date, it can bring all kinds of doubts about yourself. Or perhaps you’ve never been in a serious relationship, which can make dating seem like a foreign planet best left unexplored.

You just want guidance. You are willing to do whatever God asks, but you first just want to know for sure what he is actually saying to you.

If you can identify with these questions and feelings, you are not alone.

Click here to learn more about The Ultimate Guide to Christian Singleness.

Author: Mark Ballenger, Length: 181 pages, Type: Paperback or PDF

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