4 Reasons God Is Not Taking Away Your Desire for Someone

Genesis 4:7

As this article goes on, I’m going to also talk about having a desire for someone that God does not want you with.

But first, let’s talk about having a desire for someone that you are not currently with but who God will allow you to be with one day.

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1. God Will Often Wait to Fulfill a Lesser Blessing Until We Are Fully Satisfied in Him First

It’s painful to have a desire for someone who you can’t currently be with. Why not take this desire away for a bit and then give it back to you once you can actually be with this person?

One powerful passage about God fulfilling our desires is found in Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” This is a very comforting verse, and rightfully so! However, this verse is often misused and misapplied.

The first thing we should notice is the connection between the command “delight yourself in the Lord” and the promise “and he will give you the desires of your heart.” I don’t believe this means that if you delight in God, he will become your genie and give you the other things you want. Rather, this verse primarily means that when you delight in God, he will give you the desire of your heart because the deepest desire of your heart is to delight in God.

With that said, I also believe that God often waits to give us lesser blessings until we are prepared to handle them and use them for his glory. And that occurs when our hearts are right with him. If he fulfilled our other desires before we were right with him, we would turn those other blessings into idols and miss what God wants for us (Psalm 16:2-3).

A relationship from God will increase your love and joy in God, not detract from it.

2. God Wants You to Learn to Manage Your Desires Rather Than You Being Managed By Your Desires

One extreme example of this principle can be seen with Cain. Before he killed Able, God said to him, “If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is contrary to you, but you must rule over it” (Genesis 4:7). Instead of taking away Cain’s desire to kill his brother, God wanted Cain to learn to rule his desires and not be ruled by them.

If you want to avoid becoming like Cain who was ruled by his desire and became cursed because he acted wickedly, then you must learn to not be dominated and ruled by the desires you have.

Whether those desires are good, like when you want a godly relationship, or those desires are bad, like Cain wanting to kill Able – we must not be ruled by any desire other than the desire to please the Lord (1 Corinthians 6:12).

3. God Is Not Removing Your Desire for that Person Because You Keep Re-agitating the Wound He’s Trying to Heal

Now let’s talk about having a desire for someone that God does not want you to be with. One reason these desires often remain is because we are not following God’s road to healing.

If you keep talking to someone you have feelings for, it’s like adding more fuel to the fire. If you want the fire to stop burning, you have to stop giving it fuel. It takes time for the current fuel to burn up, but eventually, if you neglect the fire, the flame will die.

If you are checking their social media, spending time with them, trying to play the friend card, or isolating yourself and thus preventing other healthy desires with new people from growing – your desire for this person will remain much longer than it needs to.

If you want the desire to go away, you have to stop feeding that desire and start feeding your other desires (Romans 12:21, Romans 13:14).

4. You Have to Detach the Hope You Attached to This Person

One of the main reasons we find it difficult to let certain people go is because they have come to represent something more to us. In other words, when you have a romantic desire for someone, it’s easy to not only want them but to attach your larger desire for marriage to that person.

As some of you have heard me talk about before, I call this a “symbolic representation.” Our hearts often like to attach a face to a deeper longing. If you want to be married one day, your heart often attaches that desire to a certain person’s face. Sometimes you can’t let this person go not because you really want this person but because you really want to be married in general and you have come to associate your hope for marriage with this person.

To overcome this, you have to separate your good desire for marriage from this person. Put your hope in God, not in this person who is not for you. If God has called you to marriage, he will fulfill your hope in his timing with the right person (Song of Solomon 8:4). 

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