4 Signs God Is Saying, “You’re Ready!”

2 Peter 1:5-7

Perhaps you wanted start a new ministry, perhaps you wanted to start pursuing a dating relationship, or perhaps you even wanted to get more serious with someone you really like.  Whatever it may be, there are seasons where God may tell us we are not ready but then later on he will let us know when we are ready.

So here are 4 common signs God often uses to let us know we are now ready for that thing we were not ready for before.

4 Reasons God Allowed a Relationship to Fall Apart

James 4:1-10

Sometimes we will never fully understand why God allowed a relationship to fall apart. Sometimes it didn’t fall apart because of anything you did or because of something someone else did. There are times where we just need to accept that something was just not God’s will for us.

However, there are times where God allowed a relationship to fall apart as a consequence of our choices or the choices of the person we were in a relationship with.

So here are 4 possible reasons for why God allowed a relationship you once had to fall apart.