How to Overcome Your Past


How can you overcome your past? In this video I talk about how your past often dictates your present. The passion, or lack of passion, you have for God is often controlled by what you have previously done in life.

But if you can’t change your past, what can be done? What hope is there for a better future if your past is constantly controlling your present?

The only hope we have to overcome our past is Jesus Christ. The Bible does not say you can change your past. The Bible does say, however, that through faith in Jesus Christ, God can replace your past with the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

When Christ’s past becomes your past, his passion can become your passion. The past dictates what we do in the present; therefore we need Christ’s pure past to empower us for righteous living right now. If you rely on your history as your foundation for your relationship with God, you will feel distant and ashamed.

Only when we rely on the perfect birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ will we overcome our past. So what does the Bible say about overcoming your past? You can overcome your past not by changing it but by replacing it with Christ past.

Jesus Christ’s righteousness and perfections imputed to you through faith and by grace is the only way to overcome your past.

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