3 Signs God Is Telling You to Date Someone

signs God date

John 14:15

Is God telling you to date that person that you like? How can you really know what God is saying about this relationship?

In this article I will give you three signs that might mean God is telling you to date someone. At the end of this article, I will also give you some balanced perspective on some other possibilities of what God might be saying to you if you feel like these three signs are present in your life.

If You Know the Relationship Would Be Biblical, This Could Be a Sign God Is Telling You to Date This Person

Like most of the relationship signs we talk about on AGW, we must always start with the word of God. If there is anything about this relationship that would cause you to disobey the clear commands in the Bible, God is not telling you to date this person. Jesus said in John 14:15, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

Therefore, if the relationship is not biblical, God is telling you through his word that he does not want you to date this person. Never over-complicate the voice of God. Always start with his word. God does speak to us personally, but he never says anything that would contradict what he has already said in the Scriptures.

If You Know You Want to Date this Person, This Could Be a Sign that God Is Telling You to Date This Person

One sign that God sends that Christians often overlook is our personal desires. So many times we often believe that if we want to obey God this will always mean doing the opposite of what we personally desire. So many people have reached out to me and asked questions like, “Does God want me to marry this person I do not like?” “Does God want me to join the military even if I don’t want to?” “Should I date a man who seems like a good guy but I really don’t have romantic feelings for this person?”

When the Bible gives us a clear command, we must obey it even if we don’t want to. However, many choices that will be presented to us in life are not biblical commands but rather they will be biblical options. Things like getting married, joining the military, or dating a certain person are choices that are left to the individual. God does not command or condemn these choices in his word.

Therefore this is when we must pay attention to the personal desires we have. So God will not tell you to date someone you don’t want to date. If you want to date this person, this could be a sign that God is telling you to go for it.

If You Know It Is Likely that This Person Is Interested in You Too, God Is Probably Telling You to Date This Person

The last sign I would encourage you to look for if you are wondering if God is telling you to date someone is the other person’s feelings towards you. Certainly it is impossible to really know how someone feels about you unless they directly tell you.

However, this does not mean we have to be totally clueless on the likelihood of someone’s feelings towards us. For example, if a man and woman have obvious chemistry and spend the whole time at a party talking to each other and ignoring the other guests, it would be appropriate for those two people to walk away from the party thinking that this other person might like them. But if you simply said “Hi” to someone one time at a party and then you never spoke to this person again, it would be an odd assumption to then assume that this person liked you as much as you like them.

Again, we can’t know how someone feels for sure. But I do think it is possible to know what is likely and what is not likely when it comes to relationships. If the relationship would be biblical, if you want to date this person, and it is likely and logical that this person wants to date you too, then I believe these are strong signs God is telling you to date this person. However, if you have the first two signs but there is no evidence that this person likes you too, then I would not assume God is telling you to date this person.

God Might Not Be Telling You to Date This Person, But He Might Be Telling You to Try to Date This Peron

In closing, I also want to offer a few variables of what God could be telling you if some of these signs are present. Often times people feel like God is telling them to date someone, but then they try and it doesn’t work out. So what happened?

It’s possible that you totally missed what God was saying and you just got it wrong. Certainly we are prone to make mistakes as imperfect humans. Another possibility, however, is that God did not tell you to date that person but he did tell you to try to date that person.

Just because something doesn’t go the way you thought it would does not mean God didn’t say to do this. Perhaps God told you to try to date this person so you could get the clear answer that this person is not the one for you. Through trying and getting rejected God made it clear that this was not meant to be. Or perhaps God had a lesson to teach you through you trying to date this person even though it didn’t work out. Perhaps you had learn something that will help you in a future relationship God does have planned for you.

In short, be flexible when you are looking for God’s direction. He won’t always tell you the whole future but he will always tell you what he wants you to do in the present. Just keep doing the next right thing and God will make his will for you clear.

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