4 Signs God Is Saying, “She Is the Woman I Have for You to Marry One Day”

Ruth 3:9

Here are 4 signs God is saying, “That woman is your future wife.”

1. If God Sovereignly Opens the Doors that You Want to Walk Through with Her, This Means She’s Your Future Wife

Whenever we ask a question that has to do with “God’s will,” we need to remember that there are different types of “God’s will” in the Scriptures. Essentially there are three ways “God’s will” is used in the Bible:

  • First, there is God’s sovereign will. This is what God is going to accomplish through his plan and power (Ephesians 1:11).
  • Second, there is God’s prescribed will. This is what God commands us to do in the Bible (Luke 7:30). When it comes to this type of God’s will, we can either obey or disobey, sin or not sin, and reap the positive rewards or the negative consequences (Galatians 6:7-8).
  • Thirdly, there is God’s personal will for individuals. This refers to those morally neutral individual decisions that God still has something to say about because of their importance (Acts 16:6-10). For example, it’s not sinful to move to a different state, switch jobs, or go on a date with another Christian. But the Holy Spirit may be personally telling you to do these or not do these things. 

When it comes to marriage for Christians, all three forms of “God’s will” will align to make it clear that this is the person he wants you to marry. Those things that only God can do will happen, it will be biblical, and you will sense the Holy Spirit’s personal leading in your heart that this is the woman he has for you.

2. If You Are Willing to Pursue Her Despite the Barriers Blocking Your Pursuit, This Is a Good Sign She’s The One for You

Now, many men will read what I said in point 1 and think of all these things happening through their prayer time, as though God will “show them” in their heart that his sovereign will, prescribed will, and personal will are aligning for this to be the woman this man will marry.

But to really know if God is or is not sovereignly opening the necessary doors, to know if this relationship is actually biblical, and to truly know if the Holy Spirit is personally leading you into this relationship, you actually have to take real action to confirm all this. This is the not the type of thing you can just pray about or “sense” in your heart.

You actually have to pursue this woman in real life. That’s the only way you will know if this is really going to happen or not. And not only will you have to pursue her, but you will also have to have the energy and courage to pursue her despite the barriers that will be present.

God’s path for his sons is not marked with golden streets and victories requiring no battles. Just because there are barriers and obstacles that make it difficult to pursue this woman does not mean she’s not the one for you (Ruth 3:12). Rather than clearing the path of all trials, when God reveals the right woman to you, he will give you the strength to overcome those barriers that need to be overcome.

God does not give us tasks equal to our strength. Instead, he will give us the strength that is needed to accomplish his tasks for us (Philippians 4:11-13).

3. If She Responds Well to Your Pursuit and Invites Further Pursuit from You, This Is a Good Sign She’s The One for You

Relationships, by definition, require the participation of two people. It doesn’t matter how convinced you are that this is truly the woman God has for you if this woman does not believe you are the man God has for her.

It’s certainly possible that you love her before she comes to love you. But if you pursue her a few different ways and she rejects you more passionately each and every time, this is a very clear sign she’s not the one for you.

Don’t assume this is the woman God has for you before getting a sense that she might feel the same way. As a man, you will need to risk rejection and pursue her even if you are not sure what will happen. But it’s foolish, not brave, to hold onto the hope that this is your future wife if there is not mutual interest.

Ruth loved Boaz just as much as Boaz loved Ruth (Ruth 3:9). She’s not your Ruth if she is not responding positively to your pursuit. When you meet the right woman, you will pursue her and she will invite you to pursue her even more. 

4. If the Biblical and Personal Requirements Combine, that’s Your Future Wife

It’s possible that all the biblical requirements are present and this still not be the woman God has for you if your personal desire for her is not strong enough to want to marry her. And if you do want to marry her but the biblical requirements are not present, she’s not the one.

Both the biblical and the personal requirements will combine when you’ve met your future wife (1 Corinthians 7:36-39).

Here are 4 signs God is saying to a woman, “That man is your future husband.”

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