4 Signs God Is Saying, “He’s the Man I Have for You”

James 1:25

Here are 4 signs God is saying, “That’s the man I have for you to marry one day.”

1. If What’s Needed for You Two to Become a Biblical Couple Occurs, This Means He’s the Man God Has for You

Now I know this point seems like circular logic at first glance. It sounds like I’m saying, “He’s the man God has for you if he’s the man God has for you.” But if you look more closely at what I said, there’s an important principle that people often overlook. The principle is this: God’s sovereign will always matches reality.

So much confusion is caused because people often forget an important biblical presupposition that is always there in Scripture when it comes to God’s sovereign will. The presupposition is this: God always accomplishes what he wills to happen (Psalm 115:3, Ephesians 1:11, Romans 8:28).

In other words, it’s impossible to miss the sovereign will of God because God always causes his sovereign will to occur. God’s sovereign will is not dependent upon you, me, or anyone else (1 Corinthians 4:7). God is responsible for God’s sovereign will (Isaiah 43:13).

Now, the reason I’ve been careful to use the word “sovereign” before “God’s will” in this section is because in Scripture there are other types of “God’s will” such as “God’s prescribed will,” which is what God commands us to do in the Bible but which we have the ability to do or not do (Luke 7:30, 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8).

All that to say, you have to make good choices and be wise if you if you want to please the Lord. But in the end, when you meet the man God has for you, the reality of the relationship will result in marriage because if it does not, it was not God’s sovereign will for you two to get married.

2. He Will Pursue You and You Will Gladly Respond to His Pursuit If He’s the Right Man from God

I’m talking to Christian women in this article. Therefore, I’m assuming you are committed to honoring the Lord in your relationships. And to do this, you know you must follow God’s design for relationships. God made a husband to lead and God made the wife to respect her husband’s leadership (Ephesians 5:21-33, 1 Peter 3:1-7).

One way you will know if a man has the ability to lead in marriage one day is if he leads in the pursuit towards marriage. However, just because a man pursues does not mean he’s your future husband. Another healthy sign that needs to be present will come from your own heart. Pursuing will come from his heart, but in your heart, you will gladly want to respond positively to his pursuit. It may take you some time to get used to him and for your feelings to grow. But when he’s the man God has for you, his pursuit will awaken in you a desire to invite him to pursue you more.

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3. You Will See Signs in the Bible that This Is the Right Man

People are often misled by the word “signs.” They go to Scripture and start looking for “omens” with a superstitious, unbiblical mindset. God isn’t going to tell you to marry a man by you flipping through the Bible and pointing your finger randomly to get a message from God, like the Bible is a magic eight ball. Don’t play Bible-roulette.

Rather, God will give you signs about the one through the Bible by teaching you what a godly man looks like through your study of Scripture and then helping you see those biblical qualities in a man that you have romantic interest in. 

James 1:25 states, “But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing.”

4. If He Loves You as Much as You Respect Him, He’s Probably the Man God Has for You

Men want to feel loved and so do women, but the way they will feel loved will occur through different means. This is why Ephesians 5:33 states, “However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.”

When it states to the husband to “love his wife as himself,” this refers back to the sacrificial provision and protection as described in Ephesians 5:25-30. And when it states to the wife to “see that she respects her husband,” this refers back to the sacrificial submission and admiration described in Ephesians 5:22-24.

Therefore, when you meet your godly husband, you will both be happy to play your biblical roles as a husband and wife to each other.

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