5 Types of Guys You Should Avoid as a Christian Woman

5 types of guys wot avoid

Matthew 7:17

What type of guy should a Christian woman look for if she wants to date and get married one day? While there are many qualities of a godly man that a Christian woman should look for in a husband, it is just as important to know what type of qualities you do not want to see in a guy.

So what are some Christian dating red flags that a woman should look for when she is interested in dating a man? Here are 5 types of guys Christian women should avoid.

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How to Let a Christian Guy Know That You’re Interested

how to let a christian guy know that you like him

Proverbs 21:9

Christian single women often feel trapped by the teachings they find in church. They are told that marriage is a wonderful thing and they hear all these love stories sprinkled through the pastor’s sermon, but they are also told they must not do anything but wait to be found by the man of their dreams.