4 Things that Happen When Satan Is Tempting You to Settle

Jeremiah 29:11

One way Satan tries to prevent marriages that glorify the Lord is by tempting Christians to settle. Is this happening to you?

Here are 4 things that usually happen when Satan is tempting you to settle.

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1. If Your Unexpectedly Long Season of Singleness Is Making You More Open to Worldly Dating Advice, This Often Means Satan Is Tempting You to Settle

One question I’ve receive regularly over the years goes something like this, “Why does God allow so many unbelievers to get married? I’m trying to obey God but I’m still single. That doesn’t seem fair.”

This feeling of resentment often grows when a Christian is single for much longer than they expected. Perhaps you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend because you knew you were unequally yoked. But now they are dating someone else and you are still single. Or maybe you always imagined getting married young, but now you are in your mid-30s and you’re wondering if this is ever going to happen. It’s in moments like these where you might be weak and willing to try things you would never have considered in the past.

As Jesus said, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” (Mark 8:36). And I believe this statement by Jesus is the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this point. Anyone can get married. But only those who follow God’s word can get married to another believer and form a glorifying marriage.

So even if you follow worldly dating advice and you get married, it won’t result in a biblical union. And what’s the point of that? You don’t just want to be married. You want to glorify God in marriage.

Don’t settle. Satan is trying to tempt you. Never compromise on God’s word, no matter what the results will be.

2. If You Are Justifying the Idea of an Unequally Yoked Relationship Because You’ve Met Someone Who Has Everything You Want Except that They Are Not a Christian, This Often Means Satan Is Tempting You to Settle

Another statement a lot of Christians have said to me is, “I’ve met someone who has everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner. The only problem is they’re not a Christian. What should I do? Could God be using me to be a witness to them?”

When you’re in the thick of it, this can feel extremely confusing. But when you take a step back, this type of situation is actually extremely simple. Just obey the Bible. The Scriptures clearly state you are not to be unequally yoked (2 Corinthians 6:14). They clearly state you should not marry someone who is an unbeliever (1 Corinthians 7:39). God will never lead you to contradict his word.

Yes, you may be called to witness to them. But you are not called to form an unholy bond with them. We are to be separate from the world (James 4:4).

Besides, to say that someone has everything you want except that they are not a Christian is like saying I’m healthy in every way except I have a deadly disease. They don’t have everything you want. They don’t even have the first thing you want – Christ.

This is probably just Satan tempting you to settle.

3. If Your Main Motive for Being with Someone Is that You Are Afraid No One Else Will Want You, This Often Means Satan Is Tempting You to Settle

When you look at someone in a dysfunctional relationship, you often say to yourself, “Why on earth is that person staying in that relationship? They could do so much better.” Well, the reason that person is staying is because they don’t agree with you. They think this is the best they can do. They think that it would be better to stay than be alone.

Sadly, they are falling to Satan’s lies and settling. If you think you deserve dysfunction, you are settling. If you think you should stay with someone because it’s better than being alone, you are setting. If you think no one else will love you except this one person who is mistreating you, you are setting.

It’s not worth it. It is actually better to be alone than to be with the wrong person (Proverbs 21:9). And oftentimes the reason you have not found the right person is because you are clinging to the wrong person.

God has a good plan for your life (Philippians 1:6, Jeremiah 29:11). If this relationship isn’t good, it’s not God’s plan.

4. If You Are Putting Up with Huge Red Flags Because You Think They Will Go Away if You Can Marry This Person, This Often Means Satan Is Tempting You to Settle

Marriage will simply magnify what you are experiencing with this person before marriage. If the relationship is healthy and God-honoring, that will normally increase in marriage. However, if the relationship is chaotic and corrosive, that will normally increase in marriage too. It’s illogical to choose a bad path thinking it will lead to a good destination (Romans 6:19).

If you are being tempted to think that marriage will solve the problems you are having with someone, this is probably just Satan tempting you to settle.

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