5 Things God Will Do When He’s Highlighting a Man He Wants You to Date

Song of Solomon 2:2-3

Here are 5 things that often happen when God is highlighting a man he wants you to be with one day.

  1. If You Met Him at a Place Where You Weren’t Looking for Him, God Could Be Highlighting This Man to You

I think there is a time and place for some Christian singles to intentionally look for someone to date. For example, while online dating is not going to work for everyone, God has used it to lead many Christians to meet, date, and marry their spouse.

And yet, one problem with intentionally looking for someone to date is that you will often find it more difficult to know whether you are forcing this relationship to happen or if it is really God orchestrating the connection. It can be an added comfort when you make a great connection with a man when you had no intentions of meeting someone.

For example, when you start serving at church because you want to be helpful and use your gifts for the Lord, you may never have dreamed of meeting a man through this process. When you meet a man and you make a great connection in a context like this, it might be easier to know that God is putting you two together because it was so unintentional on both of your parts.

Moses was fleeing from Pharaoh and then saw men harassing a group of women at the well. He stood up for them and helped them. He had no idea that one of these women, Zipporah, was going to end up being his wife (Exodus 2:16-22).

  1. If You Have Met a Man Through Intentionally Trying to Find a Partner, God Could Be Highlighting This Man to You

As I said in point 1, it’s nice when things just happen naturally because you can more easily believe it was God who brought you two together. But this not the only way God creates a couple. Sometimes he will lead you to intentionally go out and look for a spouse.

One example of this in Scripture is Rebekah and Isaac. Abraham was intentionally looking for a wife for his son. So he sent his servant to his homeland to find her, though he did not know who she would be. The servant prayed for favor and a sign that God might reveal the right woman for Isaac to marry. And lo and behold, God answered his prayer exactly (Genesis 24:14-15).

While Moses met Zipporah by the well with no intentions of finding a wife, Rebekah was found by a well too even though this was intended.

Therefore, if you pray about meeting a godly man and then things happen that you prayed about, this could be a sign God really his highlighting a man to you.

  1. If This Man Is Pursuing You in an Honorable Way, This Could Be a Sign God Is Highlighting Him to You

As a woman, there needs to be at least two facts present for you to know whether or not God is really highlighting a man to you. First, he needs to be godly. If he’s not the type of man God would want you with, God is not going to put you with him. Second, he needs to actually be pursuing you.

So if he’s pursuing you but he’s not godly, God is not highlighting him. And if he’s godly but he’s not pursuing you, God is also not highlighting him. When God is truly highlighting a man to you, he will be an honorable Christian man who is actually trying to be in a relationship with you (1 Corinthians 7:39).

  1. If You and This Man Seem to Be Magnetized to Each Other When You Are in a Group of People, This Could Be a Sign God Is Highlighting Him to You

Does everyone else disappear when you two are together? Do you naturally gravitate towards each other and spend the whole evening together even when there are hundreds of other social options all around you both? Do you two seem to connect in a greater way that other people in the room just don’t understand?

Of course this type of experience could just be infatuation that will fade. It could just be your own imagination. But if you two repeatedly have a way of connecting on a deeper level with each other even though there are many other people all around you, this could be a great sign God really is highlighting this man to you.

As the couple in Song of Solomon said to each other:


“As a lily among brambles, so is my love among the young women.


As an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the young men.” (Song of Solomon 2:2-3)

While many other social options where available, these two had a special bond with each other.

  1. If You Would Be Happy to Fulfill the Biblical Role of a Wife to This Man, This Could Be a Sign God Is Highlighting Him to You

The role of a wife is a very vulnerable position to be in. She is called to submit to her husband, to respect him, and to lay down her life for him in true love (Ephesians 5:22-24). Of course he too must put himself in a vulnerable position as a husband. He is called to serve her and sacrifice for her as Christ did for the church (Ephesians 5:25-33).

Nonetheless, as a woman, you should not be quick to commit to any man in marriage since the calling of a wife is so serious. When you meet the right man God is truly highlighting to you, you will trust him. You will see his willingness to sacrifice for you and love for you, which will make you glad to fulfill your biblical role as a wife to him.

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