4 Signs You Are Blocking God’s Blessing

blocking Gods blessing

James 4:2-3

While the Bible is clear that God’s grace can always save us from sin, this does not mean that there are no consequences in our life when we rebel against God. We are certainly not saved by our works and we definitely cannot earn any blessings from God. Everything good we have is because of the gospel work of Jesus Christ.

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How Does God Speak to Us Through Our Circumstances?

how to know Gods will for your life

Matthew 10:11-14

God speaks to us in at least three primary ways: Through his word, through the Holy Spirit, and through our life circumstances.  Most Christians know at least a little about hearing the voice of God by studying the Bible and by listening to the Holy Spirit in prayer. The circumstances of our lives, however, is often a way God speaks that many Christians do not know as much about.