4 Reasons God Let You Get Hurt in a Past Relationship

Romans 8:27-29

Sometimes we get hurt in relationships simply because another person sinned against us or perhaps we made a bad choice ourselves. So this article is not about blaming God. Other people’s choices and our own choices have consequences. With that said, certainly God also has larger reasons at times for why he let us experience something painful.

3 Signs God Is Telling You to Keep Patiently Waiting for the Blessing You Desire

Hebrews 6:12-15

Sometimes in life God tells us to get up and act, to make an intentional move forward towards that thing we have been praying about. But at other times God tells us to just wait. Whenever we are told to wait, God also desires our waiting to be patient.

How to Know If God Is Giving You the Green Light

Acts 20:22

When I use the phrase “the green light,” I’m referring to God saying yes to you in regards to your request about whether or not you should proceed forward down a certain path in life. For example, should you ask someone out on a date? Should you keep dating your boyfriend or girlfriend? Should you apply to a new job? Should you have that hard conversation with a family member? Should you join that certain ministry?