3 Signs You Really Are Romantically Connecting with Someone and Not Just Imagining Things

signs someone likes you

Ruth 3:18

I believe there are basically three big phases that Christian single people need to go through if they want to get married one day. You have to meet, date, and then get engaged.

In this three-step process, one of the most confusing seasons is when two people have met and maybe have even become friends, but they are still trying to figure out if they like each other and are going to transition into dating.

Many times people fear that the connection they are sensing with this person is not real and that maybe they are just making it all up in their head. So here are 3 signs that you really are romantically connecting with someone you like and you are not just imagining things.

  1. Other People Will Notice Genuine Romantic Connections

Rarely is it possible for two people to have a genuine romantic connection with each other and not be noticed by the other people in both of their lives. For good or bad, people in church are watching and they will be able to tell when two Christian singles are connecting with each other on a different level.

So if other people are making little comments or encouraging you that they too see a romantic connection forming, this solid evidence that you are not just imagining things. For as Proverbs 15:22, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

  1. Time, Talents, and Treasures Will Be Spent When Two People Are Romantically Connecting With Each Other

When you truly care about someone, you will find it impossible not to sacrifice for that person. As James 2:15-16 explains, “Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?”

Likewise, if there really is a romantic connection between two Christian singles, they will show it in their actions. A man who likes a woman would never miss an opportunity to help her in a practical way if he has the opportunity. If she asks for help moving, fixing her car, or has some other need he can help with, he will do it if he likes her. A woman who likes a man would never use her words to cut him down. She will only speak words of life to him. If he has a practical need she can help him with, she will gladly go out of her to do this.

Of course Christians should be eager to help all people in need, but the nonetheless, it is natural to go out of your way to help someone you like even more than you normally do as a Christian. So one sign that you really are forming a mutual romantic connection with someone is if you both are going out of your way to give your time, talents, or treasures to help one another.

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  1. The Relationship Will Keep Moving Forward and It Will Not Stall Out

Finally, one of the best signs of a true romantic connection between two Christian singles is forward progress. Because of the way God has designed the female and male heart to be attracted to one another, when two people truly like each other they will find a way to be together.

For as Naomi said to Ruth when Boaz and Ruth had formed a connection, “Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. For the man will not rest until the matter is settled today” (Ruth 3:18). Naomi knew that when a man truly wants to be with a woman who also wants to be with him, that man will not rest until he is with her.

So if you and this person are moving forward and the relationship is not stalling out, this is a real sign that a connection truly is forming and you are not just imagining things.

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