3 Ways to Hear God’s Voice (Video Series)

Plus 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Don't Know God's Will

hearing God video series

John 10:27

How do you hear the voice of God and know his will for your life? That’s exactly what I cover in this 3 part video series.

There are at least three common ways through which God speaks: Through his word, through his Spirit, and through our circumstances. When you can combine these three, you can have more assurances you are truly hearing the voice of God.

Part 1: Hear the Voice of God Through His Word

Knowing the will of God starts with knowing the word of God. God will never speak anything to you personally that contradicts what he has said to everyone through the truths of the Bible.

Article Part 1: How to Hear God

Part 2: Hear the Voice of God Through His Spirit

Through the Holy Spirit putting impressions and directions on your heart, God can speak to us on which way he wants us to go. This form of hearing God is especially helpful when you have two morally neutral choices before you. If Scripture supports either choice, it is crucial you learn to hear God’s intimate leading. You can express a lack of faith by needing to hear the the voice of God on small, insignificant choices. But you can also express a lack of faith by not slowing down enough to hear what God has to say about the choices he wants you to make in the journey of life.

Article Part 2: How to Hear God

Part 3: God Speaks Through Your Circumstances.

Part 4: Here are 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Still Can’t Hear the Voice of God (starts at the 7 minute mark of the video below)

When you have questions about the present, most of the time all you need to do to hear God’s voice is look around. God often times gives us answers through the details of our lives.

Article Part 3: How to Hear God

Lastly, sometimes despite our best efforts, it can still be difficult to get a good sense on which way God wants us to go. When this happens, ask yourself these three questions: What would be most glorifying to God? What is the wisest decision to make? And what choice would I enjoy making the most?

Article Part 4: How to Hear God


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