Intertwined (2 Free Sample Chapters)

Our Happiness Is Tied to God's Glory

Read two free sample chapters from my newest book, Intertwined: Our Happiness Is Tied to God’s Glory (Two Free Sample Chapters PDF)

As children we imagined we would find the perfect spouse, the perfect job, buy the perfect house, go on perfect adventures, and well . . . have the perfect life. Somewhere along the way, however, we quickly realized we will experience many things on this earth, but perfection is certainly not one of them.

But despite all of this, God has made a way for our hearts to be full of extreme joy even when our journey is full of tragedies, fleeting pleasures, and mostly mundane experiences at best. In a wonderful turn of events, an honest look at the Bible reveals that God does not command us to glorify him for his good but actually for ours.

Our internal happiness can never be sustained by our external circumstances, for the perfect earthly life is a fading vapor for anyone who seeks to attain it. No, our only hope for joy is to link our good with his glory, for only God is perfect thus only he has a perfect love to give.

All of our sins, unhappiness, and deep wounds are merely symptoms of the real problem – rejecting our purpose to glorify God. Relationships, marriage, parenting, careers, hobbies, religion, and everything in between leave you empty when God’s glory is not in the equation. Solve the root issue and all the annoying symptoms go away as well.

Love is not something God has. Love is who God is. Therefore God always offers himself as the ultimate gift of love. Our heart’s every desire will be met when God becomes our everything, when our joy is built on nothing but him.

Intertwined was written in short, story-filled chapters meant to be intellectually and emotionally inspiring. By unfolding often overlooked biblical truths in humorous and easy to understand language, readers will be able to grasp a deep truth that turns our world upside down in a really good way – that God’s self-centeredness is actually his greatest act of love for his people.

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