5 Things God Will Do When Preparing a Woman to Meet Her Future Husband

1 Peter 3:3-6

Here are 5 things God usually does in a woman’s life when he’s preparing her to meet her future husband soon.

1. God Will Prepare You to Meet Your Future Husband By Helping You Be Content in Singleness First

Whatever you demand God give you to prove his love for you, that is the very thing he is least likely to give you. Why? Because the greatest danger to you never knowing the full love of God is to think something other than the gospel is God’s highest expression of love.

This is why God will often prepare a woman to meet her future husband by first teaching her how to be content in singleness. While marriage is a real blessing from the Lord that does produce much joy in the heart, nothing can replace our deepest need for Christ.

If you think you need a husband to feel the love of God, you will never be able to truly feel the love of God. To give you the very thing that is blocking you from experiencing God’s best would be the most unloving thing he could do. Usually, the only times he does give us this one thing we believe we need is to show us it is not the thing we need. In other words, God will give that thing to you and it will fail you. If you think you need a man to make you happy, watch out! God might give you a man just to show you how miserable you will be without God first in your life. 

The only way to truly receive and enjoy God’s lesser blessings is to prioritize his ultimate blessing, the gospel, above everything else. When you seek happiness apart from Jesus, you don’t have Jesus and you won’t find happiness. But when you love and value Jesus most, you not only have what is best, but you are also free to enjoy God’s lesser blessings as he intends (1 Timothy 6:17-19).

2. God Will Prepare You to Meet Your Future Husband By Teaching You How to Reject the Wrong Types of Guys

Every time you say yes to one thing, you automatically are saying no to something else (Jeremiah 2:12-13, Matthew 6:24). In other words, you can’t have it all.

When we apply this principle to relationships, you have to remember that whenever you say yes to one man you are then saying no to another man. Eventually, when you meet the right guy, this is a good thing. But when you keep saying yes to the wrong guys, you will always be unavailable for the right guy.

3. God Will Prepare You to Meet Your Future Husband By Helping You Overcome Your Fear of Rejection

Yes, it is the man’s job to pursue. However, some women find too much comfort in that fact. If a woman has an unhealthy fear of being rejected, she will hide behind that statement, “Well, it’s the man’s job to pursue!”

Again, that is true. However, a woman must also risk something too. Otherwise, the man will feel his risk has gone unrewarded. When he pursues and risks rejection, he needs the woman to express equal interest; if she doesn’t, he will not work up the courage to risk rejection again.

Additionally, while a man should pursue, a woman must invite. In other words, she needs to have an open and encouraging attitude towards a man if she wants him to pursue her. Why would a man pursue a woman if she has shown zero interest in being pursued? Relationships must be mutual.

As the story of Ruth teaches us, while a man should lead and pursue, a woman has an important part to play as well.

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4. God Will Prepare You to Meet Your Future Husband By Helping You Know Your Own Beauty (in the Lord) So You Can Project It Properly

A man will struggle to see your beauty if you don’t see it yourself. In other words, we all tend to project what we believe about ourselves (Romans 6:11-12).

When a man doesn’t know his own strength and he has not been validated in the Lord, he often projects weakness and fear. Likewise, when a woman has not been validated by the Lord and she doesn’t know her own worth, she will disappear into the background and hide her beauty.

Christ has made you truly beautiful (1 Peter 3:3-6). When he’s preparing you for marriage, he will start by helping you find your true identity in the Lord first and foremost.

5. God Will Prepare You to Meet Your Future Husband By Training You to Do the Hard Things All Healthy Relationships Require

If you want the real thing, you have to let go of all cheap imitations. If you want to feel the weight of true love, you have to take off the infatuation goggles and learn to deal with the messiness of true love.

When you love an imperfect person and this person loves you too, there will be an immense amount of challenges that you will be forced to deal with. But it will be worth it. It requires hard work, but the payoff far outweighs the cost.

If you’re looking for a romance novel love story, you’ll never find it. When God’s preparing you to meet your future husband, he will be teaching you how to offer love in the midst of imperfections (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

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