5 Ways to Push a Christian Woman Away (Christian Relationship Advice for Men)

Christian relationship advice for men

1 Corinthians 16:13

Here are 5 common ways to push a Christian woman away from you.

  1. Live an Immature Lifestyle

The purpose of Christian dating is to gauge whether or not two people want to get married. As you date a Christian woman, she is gauging whether or not you will be a good husband and father one day. One red flag to her, therefore, will be an immature lifestyle.

If you skip work to play video games, if your mom still does your laundry, and if you talk like a high school boy even though you have a full grown beard, she’s not going to see you as a mature man of God prepared to lead a family.

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” (1 Corinthians 16:13)

  1. Always Need Her to Initiate Everything

Another way to push a Christian girl away from you is to always need her to initiate everything. If she steps out and expresses interest in you and you respond, there’s nothing wrong with that. But from there that should not be the normal pattern in your relationship.

God has made men to be the initiators in relationships. If you don’t pursue her she will think you don’t like her. If you are too insecure with yourself to ever risk being rejected, she will realize you are not prepared to love her in a committed marriage. In short, don’t expect the woman to initiate everything if you hope to keep her.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.” (Proverbs 18:22)

  1. Don’t Communicate Your Feelings for Her

Men and women both need their significant other to express their love, but in general men and women receive love differently. Not every man and woman will fall into this generalization, but usually a woman has a far greater need for verbal communication compared to the man.

If you never verbally express your feelings for her, she will feel unloved. Speaking doesn’t always come natural to you as a man, but if you don’t want to push a Christian woman away from you, you will need to learn how to verbally express your feelings to her.

I recently made an article/video called 5 Ways to Push a Christian Man Away and the last two points were to Put the Man Before Christ and Get Mad at Him When He Puts Christ Before You. These two points apply equally to men. If you put a woman before Christ this will turn a Christian woman away from you because she will want a man who puts god first in his life. If you get mad at her when she prioritizes God over you, this will push her away because she will want to be supported for her love for God and shamed.

For the sake of not repeating myself, let me say these last two points slightly different.

  1. Turn Her Into Your God

One way you will push a godly woman away from you is to turn her into your god. If she feels like you are starting to worship her rather than God, this will scare her away. She will know that she can never fulfill you like you are asking her to do. You will push her away if you lift her too high because her desire is not to be worshiped but to worship God along the side of a godly man.

  1. Require Her to Act Like You Are Her God

There are many more ways to push a Christian woman away from you, but one of the most common ways a man pushes a godly woman away is that he requires her to treat him like a god. If you want the woman to revolve all her thoughts, time, and attention around you, this will push her away. If you selfishly want to be her everything, you will end up being nothing but a bad relationship memory in her past.

In summary, a Christian woman who wants a Christian man will look for a guy who loves God with all his heart.