How Does God Speak to Us Through Our Circumstances?

how to know Gods will for your life

Matthew 10:11-14

God speaks to us in at least three primary ways: Through his word, through the Holy Spirit, and through our life circumstances.  Most Christians know at least a little about hearing the voice of God by studying the Bible and by listening to the Holy Spirit in prayer. The circumstances of our lives, however, is often a way God speaks that many Christians do not know as much about.

How to Get Through 5 of the Hardest Parts of Christian Singleness

the hardest parts of singleness

2 Corinthians 1:3-5

I recently asked a question to the AGW subscribers, “What’s the most challenging part of Christian singleness for you?” The responses that came in were overwhelming. People really shared their heart and talked about how hard the season of Christian singleness can be for them.

Are You Single Because You Don’t Love God Enough?

why am i single Christian

1 Corinthians 7:7

If you’ve ever asked for dating advice on how to find a spouse from well-intentioned Christians and pastors, there’s a high probability you’ve received some version of this common Christian dating advice, “If you really want to be married, you have to put God first. If you truly love God, he will take care of the rest.”

So are you actually single because you don’t love God enough? If you loved God more, would you be married by now? Is your love for God actually the root reason for your prolonged season of unwanted singleness?

The One: How to Know and Trust God’s Sovereign Plan for Your Future Marriage

By Mark Ballenger

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How to Trust Again in a Christian Relationship After Betrayal and Heartbreak

healing betrayal Christian

Romans 3:2-4

How can you trust again after you have been betrayed, wounded, and heartbroken in the past? When you cannot trust someone in the present because you have been betrayed by someone else in the past, your current relationship will never be healthy until you deal with the betrayal that occurred.