How to Receive a Spiritual Healing from Jesus

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2 thoughts on “How to Receive a Spiritual Healing from Jesus”

  1. I have listened to this sermon. What you said is true. I think from now on, while I know that it’s good to read what scholars and experts have said on Bible verses and Christian living, the most important thing is that I come to Jesus himself and, as the lady in Mark 5 did – ”tell him the whole truth”. I can tell him my fears, my worries – anything. I think that life is pretty frustrating sometimes and since Bible scholars tend to interpret certain verses differently, I tend to get confused. But I know this now – at times, I should stop listening to outside voices and come to Jesus for his directions. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ll stop looking at Bible-related websites. I simply meant that I won’t forget coming to him personally and pouring my heart out to him. I will also strive to read the whole Bible and let the verses speak for themselves so I won’t get merely listen to certain interpretations just because ”experts” said so. Best I compare everything I see with Scripture and trust Jesus alone for guidance. Thanks for reminding me.

    I think the best thing about living in the twenty-first century is that we have tools like the Internet to teach and encourage people even if the live on the other side of the globe. Since I have trouble finding a strong church near my home, the Internet has helped me find websites like this one where I can actually interact with other believers and ask questions. (Besides this one, there is another website I regularly visit; though it is a fairly large website run by tons of people and questions are answered a little more slowly. But it’s a great information source nonetheless.) So I guess I’m pretty grateful, yeah.

  2. That’s awesome input! I really like the part where you talked about going to Jesus and telling him the whole truth just like the woman in Mark 5. Right on!


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