3 Signs God Is Bonding Two People Together for Marriage

Signs God is putting two people together

Mark 10:9

How does God bond two people together? What signs will be present when God begins this bonding process?

To answer this question, I think it’s important to first look at the biblical evidence that God does in fact bond a husband and wife together. In Mark 10:6-9 Jesus said:

But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’ ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Here we can see that when a man and woman become a husband and wife, this union is actually accomplished by God. It involves the choice of the man and woman but as Jesus said, “God has joined together” this couple when they get married.

So here are 3 signs God is beginning to bond two people together for marriage.

A Bonding for Marriage Will Begin with a Desire to Make a Faithful, Lifelong Commitment to One Another

The literal bond between a husband and wife occurs when they make their vows before God and are officially married. However, before this takes place there is beginning process that will lead to this complete marriage bond.

One of the first signs that God is beginning the process of bringing this marriage bond to fruition is the desire for a marriage commitment in the heart of both the man and woman. Before a man and woman stand before God on the marriage alter, there will first be a desire in each of them to make this marriage covenant with the other person. If one person wants to marry and the other doesn’t, the one person’s desire is not a clear sign that God is putting these two together.

So when a man and woman both begin to have a desire to make a mutual promise of faithfulness that is to last a lifetime, this is a clear sign that God is beginning the steps that are needed to bond these two people together as one.

When a Man and Woman Realize They Have Served Each Other as Much as They Can in Friendship and Dating and Thus Need to Marry to Move Forward, This Is a Sign God Is Bonding Them Together

True love is all about serving the other person. If you love someone, you will serve them no matter what phase of the relationship you are in. If you are just friends, you will serve them in friendship. If you are boyfriend and girlfriend, you will serve them during your season of dating.

One sign that God is beginning to bond a man and woman together is when they are beginning to exhaust the limits of healthy dating. When a man and woman date too long, they run the danger of beginning to cross lines that should not be crossed before marriage. A boyfriend and girlfriend should not treat each other like a husband and wife. There are promises they should not make in dating. There are conversations they should not have. There are places in their hearts they should keep guarded while they are unmarried.

If you want to go deeper with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you need to first make a deeper commitment. Eventually a dating relationship will not be enough for a man and woman who truly love each other. If they are getting too close, if they want to serve each other in deeper ways than is appropriate for a dating couple, this means they should stop dating and get married.

A man and woman should only get married once they need to. If they still need to get to know one another and serve one another in friendship or dating, they should stay in that season of life. But if they keep growing eventually they will need to move into marriage so they can keep serving one another in greater and greater ways.

So one sign that God is beginning to bond a man and woman together is when they are beginning to exhaust the limits of Christian dating.

When Two People Are Unable to Picture Their Life Without the Other Person, This Is a Sign God Is Bonding Them Together for Marriage

When you finally meet the one, you will realize that you two are meant to be together. If you can imagine a life without this person, you have not met the one God has for you.

Now certainly picturing a life with someone is not a guaranteed sign that God is bonding you two together. However, if you would be just as happy to move forward in life without this person, this is not what you should feel when God is bonding your heart with your future spouse.

When God begins to bond you with the one he has for you, you will be unable to imagine your life without this person. When you know you would not want to experience a future that did not involve this person, this is one sign that it’s time to move forward in marriage.