3 Ways Satan Is Misleading Millions About The One

Romans 3:10-12

The devil’s goal is to lead people away from Christ so they will spend eternity in hell.

However, he has other goals too, such as preventing godly marriages. Satan hates healthy relationships because God uses these relationships to be a light for the gospel, to produces Christian families, and to bring immense love in believers’ lives.

Needless to say, relationships are a powerful blessing from God meant to be used to advance his kingdom. But anything good can be misused for evil purposes. Because relationships are so powerful, Satan seeks to use them for his own purposes – to hurt our walk with God and to minimize our love for each other.

Therefore, here are 3 ways Satan is misleading millions of people about “the one.”

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1. Satan Is Misleading Millions of People About “The One” By Tricking Them to Believe in an Unbiblical Version of “The One”

If you’ve been reading my content for a while, you know I use this term “the one” in a very specific way. When I use this phrase, it means “the person God wants you to marry.” I believe God is sovereign and has a will for our lives that he wants us to follow. Therefore, like everything else in life, I believe God has a plan for who he wants you to marry (Genesis 24:14).

However, Satan has tempted many people to believe in false version of “the one.” Many people believe “the one” is “your perfect one.” They think that if they marry the wrong person, their marriage will be terrible and if they would have married the right person their marriage would have been amazing. They conclude that conflict in relationships is all about a lack of compatibility.

This is unbiblical. Yes, you want to be wise as you choose your spouse. Yes, it’s wise to choose someone you are compatible with. And yes, you can make life harder on yourself if you marry someone who lacks biblical qualities. But there is no “perfect one” out there. No matter who you marry, once you get married, that is the person God wants you to love and serve. Once you’re married, that person becomes the one and God wants you to work on your issues together rather than dreaming about being with someone else.

Satan plants the seeds of divorce in marriages before a couple even meets each other. By believing there is one perfect person out there that will make you totally happy, you are setting the stage to be unhappy with whoever you marry because no one will ever be able to satisfy your heart to that level.

As Romans 3:10-12 states, “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God. All have turned aside; together they have become worthless; no one does good . . .” When it comes to “the perfect one,” there is no such thing as “the one.”

Don’t let Satan mislead you. God has a good plan for your future marriage, but it will require hard work, commitment, and an equal willingness in both the husband and wife to keep growing together if they hope to have an enjoyable, glorifying marriage together.

2. Satan Is Misleading Millions About “The One” By Lying to Them About the Purpose of Marriage

When God does reveal “the one” to you, meaning he reveals to you who he wants you marry, Satan will still try to attack you through deceiving you about God’s purpose for this union with this person.

Satan will tempt you to believe God’s primary purpose in giving you a spouse is your personal happiness. Satan wants you to believe that if you could just meet this person and get married, your depression would go away, your loneliness would vanish, and you would stop struggling with all the addictions you are struggling with. This is not why God wants to give you a spouse.

When you go to a person rather than to God himself to solve these types of issues, you are treating this person as your savior, your god. Additionally, when you believe God’s primary goal is to make you happy, you are making yourself your god.

God’s primary purpose in everything he does is to bring maximum glory to himself, and this biblical truth does not change when it comes to you meeting and marrying “the one.” God does want Christians to find “the one,” but he wants this because a godly relationship brings him immense glory.

And less you think this is just selfish of God, remember that God always does what is best for us too. For God to make us for any reason besides for glorifying him, he would be creating us for something less than his best. God is the best, and God knows this. When he says he’s the best, he’s not being prideful – he’s just being honest.

When you put God first in your life and relationships, not only does this bring God glory but it also results in the best possible life for you as well. Satan knows all of this, so he seeks to mislead millions by tempting them to believe marriage is just about putting yourself first and about seeking your own personal happiness at all costs.

As Jeremiah 32:39 (NLT) states, “And I will give them one heart and one purpose: to worship me forever, for their own good and for the good of all their descendants.”

3. Satan Misleads Millions About “The One” By Tempting Them to Believe There Is No Such Thing as “The One”

While Satan will tempt some to believe in an unbiblical version of the one, he will tempt others to believe there is no such thing as the one at all. In other words, he will tempt people to believe that God is not sovereign, that God doesn’t care who you marry, and that if you just marry anyone it will all turn out the same because it’s all about what you do and not about who you marry.

While I do agree we need to strongly emphasize living in a loving and committed way once we get married because that is the key to a healthy marriage, I don’t believe we should have bad theology and emphasize man’s free will over God’s sovereign will.

When you emphasize man’s free will over God’s sovereign will, you become prideful because you take credit for the good God gives you through grace. You also become anxious, fearful, and frozen because you believe everything depends on you making perfect decisions.

But when you know God is sovereign, you know he can take your imperfect efforts and produce what he wants to produce. When you know God is sovereign, it frees you to make wise decisions and to then leave the results to him. When you know God is sovereign, it helps you to live with a grateful heart because you know everything good in your life is ultimately because of God’s plan and grace towards you.

Don’t be misled. God does have a good plan for your life, and that plan includes who you will marry one day. This is not an excuse to live unwisely or to live in a fantasy world as we wait for a perfect person to show up on our doorstep. Rather, when you trust in God’s power to produce God’s plan, you will live boldly in faith as you follow the Lord’s leading.

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