5 Biblical Marks You’ve Already Met Your Future Husband

Matthew 6:9-10

How will you know if you’ve already met your future husband? Only God knows the future, so in a way you won’t really know if a man is the one for you until after you are already married. In other words, if you two never get married, it’s clear this man was never meant for you in the first place.

However, along the journey towards marriage, you will be able to see particular signs in a man that will help you know this is actually going to be your future husband. And it’s important to know these signs not so you can predict the future but rather so you know which relationships to invest in and which relationships not to invest in.

Therefore, here are 5 biblical marks you will see when you’ve met the man that will become your future husband one day.

1. He’ll Be Motivated to Pursue You If You Show Him Interest that You Want Him to Pursue You

One of the most underrated variables in knowing God’s will is motivation. Why do we have a motivation to do certain things rather than other things? Yes, personal choice and human free will is a variable. But, somehow, God’s sovereignty is also involved in giving us motivation.

Notice how this played out in the life of Joseph. Acts 7:9-10, “. . . but God was with him and rescued him out of all his afflictions and gave him favor and wisdom before Pharaoh, king of Egypt, who made him ruler over Egypt and over all his household.” God gave Pharaoh the motivation to give Joseph favor.

In a similar way, you will know you’ve met your future husband when he is motivated to pursue you. Of course you will need to be motivated to invite him to pursue you. But if he lacks the drive to do the work that is needed to be in a relationship with you, this is a sign he’s not the one for you.

2. He’ll Be Happy to Show Evidence that He Can Fulfill the Role of a Husband Before You Give Him the Title of Husband

Going back to this idea of favor, notice what Ruth said to Boaz, “Why have I found favor in your eyes, that you should take notice of me, since I am a foreigner?” (Ruth 2:10). She said this in the context of Boaz providing for her when she was in need. They didn’t express romantic interest in each other for a few months. In the meantime, Boaz showed her evidence that he was a good man who was prepared to be a good husband (Ruth 2:23).

Likewise, when you meet your future husband, he will be happy to put a down payment (so to speak) on his investment in your future marriage. A man who has no intentions of marrying you one day will be careful not to invest too much. On the other hand, when a man is thinking about marriage with you, he will be investing more and more until the day he finally bends the knee and asks you to be his wife.

3. He’ll Press in Even Harder When the Problems Start Arising in the Relationship

Proverbs 17:17, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” You won’t know who your true friend is until adversity comes.

Likewise, problems in a relationship can be used to your advantage. They can be a test on whether or not this is the right man for you. If the relationship is never tested, you will have less confidence that this is your future husband.

However, when you go through disagreements, relationship turmoil, and other hard things, but then you see that this man is doubling down and pursuing you even harder when the times get tough, this is an excellent sign he is your future husband.

4. He’ll Be More Physically Attracted to You the More He Gets to Know You

Attraction works in reverse when it is just fueled by infatuation. In other words, infatuation starts high and always ends low. If someone is infatuated with you, their attraction will never be higher than it is right at the beginning. The more facts they learn about you, the more their preconceived expectations will dwindle.

On the other hand, when it’s true love, their attraction for you will actually grow more and more as they get to know you. When their heart is involved, the more emotionally connected this man is to you, the more his body will be excited by your sight. He will want to marry you so he can enjoy you sexually and emotionally (Proverbs 5:18).

5. He’ll Be Willing to Change in the Ways You Both Will Need to Change in Order to Stay Compatible Over the Years

You may be able to choose someone for yourself that you are compatible with right now. But only God can choose someone for you that will remain compatible with you. Why? Because people change. Who you are today will be different than who you are in ten years.

Thus, when God pairs you with the right man, you two will be on the same path of changing. A husband and wife will never be the same in every way. The differences are good (Genesis 1:27). However, as you grow older together, you will grow apart if God is not at the center.

When you’ve met your future husband, Jesus will be your common bond, keeping you close even when you both change over time.