AGW University 2020 + New Course Details

Open Enrollment

If you are Christian single person who wants to glorify God in marriage one day, I wanted to let you know about a unique resource I’ve created specifically for you. AGW University is where I offer in-depth biblical training for Christian singles who want to go to the next level in their walk with God, specifically when it comes to honoring the Lord in the area of relationships.

I’m currently offering 3 main courses plus one new bonus course that I’m giving away totally for free if you enroll before the deadline. By enrolling in AGW University you get lifetime access to all of these courses and they are completely self-paced. All the content is in video format and is completely written out too for those of you who prefer to read. You also get lifetime access to the AGW University private Facebook group, which is where hundreds of past and current students come together to encourage one another, learn together, and form new relationships with each other. I’m also offering 3 months of private email coaching with me for anyone who enrolls before the deadline. For the most accurate information about enrollment times and details, you can check the description of this video for more details.

But in the next few minutes I wanted to give you a quick summary of AGW University for those of you who are interested.

While each course can be taken individually, the three main courses are actually designed to be taken together and in a specific order. The new bonus course is about effective online dating strategies for those who are considering this option.

The first course is called Heart Check: How to Prepare Your Heart for a Godly Relationship.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to desire a Christian relationship without idolizing marriage.
  • How to guard your heart when you like someone.
  • How to choose biblical motives for marriage that are pleasing to God.
  • How to heal from past relationship wounds.
  • How to prepare your heart for a future healthy Christian marriage.
  • How to deal with a season of unwanted singleness.
  • How to have healthy motives and mindsets when you meet someone you like.

Heart Check is really a prerequisite course that will get your heart ready for all the strategies in the courses ahead which focus more on meeting, dating, and marrying the one God has for you.

The second course is called Marriage Material: The Qualities to Develop in Yourself and Look for in Another if You Desire a Healthy Christian Marriage One Day.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What traits to really look for in a man or woman before you even get into a dating relationship.
  • What qualities to start working on in yourself if you want to develop into a great spouse for the future marriage God may want to bless you with.
  • What the Bible actually says about marriage requirements for Christians.
  • The signs to look for in someone that would show you this person is not a good option.
  • The signs to look for to show you that this person is a great option.
  • What building blocks every healthy Christian relationship has even when they are unaware of these qualities.

This course is full of Scripture and will give any Christian single person the tools to develop into a godly spouse for the future marriage God may be waiting to give them.

The third course is called 10 Steps to Meet The One: How to Step Out in Faith Rather Than “Just Waiting” in Fear.

In this course you will learn:

  • What mistakes you might be making in the pre-dating process that could be keeping you out of a relationship.
  • How to stop waiting to be found and how to take more control over your own relationship status.
  • How to interact with the opposite sex in a way that is honoring to God but also in a way that promotes healthy romantic connections.
  • How to pursue a woman as a man.
  • How to take an active role in the pre-dating process as a woman.
  • How to let someone know you are interested in them without scaring them away (as a man or woman).
  • How to know if God is telling you to do more or less in the pre-dating process to receive the blessing of a Christian marriage one day.

I really believe 10 Steps to Meet The One has the potential to be truly life-changing for anyone who takes this course.

Next, I’m really excited about this new bonus course that you will get completely for free if you enroll before the deadline. This course is called The Effective Online Christian Dating Plan: A Powerful Strategy for Christians Who Want to Be Married.

In this course I will teach you:

  • How you can know if God is leading you to try online dating.
  • How to use online dating in the most effective way possible.
  • How to avoid the most common errors that will prevent online dating from working for you.
  • How to properly fill out your profile to actually get results.
  • How to identify diamonds in the rough by properly assessing other people’s profiles.
  • How to transition from meeting someone online to actually forming a relationship with them face-to-face.
  • And, lastly, I give you my top recommended online dating websites since there are so many to choose from these days.

This course is nitty gritty. I don’t just talk about big principles and how to prepare your heart. My other courses are more about preparing spiritually so you can get your heart ready to receive a relationship blessing from God. I recommend everyone takes those courses first because without our hearts being right nothing will work well for us.

But in this course I get into the weeds with you and I give you extremely practical methods to increase the amount of people messaging you, phrases you can send to others that will help you get more people messaging you back, questions to ask on dates, and powerful strategies you can instantly apply that will dramatically increase your results with online dating.

In addition to these four courses which you get lifetime access to, by enrolling you also get lifetime access to the private Facebook group for AGW University students, and if you enroll before the deadline I’m also giving you 3 FREE months of private email coaching with me.

There’s a lot more I haven’t even mentioned yet, so for more information click here to check out all the course content before enrolling.

I’ll see you over at AGW University. God bless!