How to Be a Man Like Boaz

Ruth 2:1

Here are 3 things God will teach a man so he can be more like Boaz.

Also, here is part 1 to this article called How to Be a Woman Like Ruth.

1. Take Responsibility for Other People’s Well Being Before You Even Meet Your Ruth

Boaz is not mentioned in Ruth 1 at all. It’s all about Ruth being faithful to her mother-in-law Naomi. So what was Boaz doing?

When you read Ruth 2, we learn that Boaz was being a responsible man long before he ever met Ruth (Ruth 2:1). Boaz owned and managed land (Ruth 2:3), he employed men (Ruth 2:5), he employed women (Ruth 2:8), he supplied them meals (Ruth 2:14), and he offered the women protection (Ruth 2:22). It also appears his men respected him because when he said something, they didn’t question him and they gladly listened (Ruth 2:9, 15-16).

Therefore, when Boaz took responsibility for Ruth’s well-being, he didn’t need to learn on the fly. Sadly, our culture has taught men that “freedom” is the absence of responsibility. But that is not biblical nor a good reflection of masculine strength. Strong, free men in the Bible are not avoiding responsibility. Rather, they are seeking it out, taking it on, and embracing God’s call to serve and lead others.

If you want to a man like Boaz, don’t wait until you meet your Ruth until you start acting like a man. Start serving other people now. Start becoming a good provider now. Start being generous now. 

If Boaz didn’t have his act together when Ruth came to Bethlehem, he would not have been able to offer his strength to her. If you want to be like Boaz, take responsibility for the well-being of others right now. God will then develop you and make you ready for your Ruth. 

2. Offer Your Strength to a Woman Instead of Trying to Find Your Strength in a Woman

The actions of Ruth recorded in Chapter 3 are what get the most attention in this story. To make her feelings known to Boaz, she followed the advice of Naomi:

Wash, put on perfume, and get dressed in your best clothes. Then go down to the threshing floor, but don’t let him know you are there until he has finished eating and drinking. When he lies down, note the place where he is lying. Then go and uncover his feet and lie down. He will tell you what to do.” (Ruth 3:3-4)

Now, when I’ve talked about the actions of Ruth before, I’ve heard a lot of guys chime in, “Yes, women should be more open about their feelings for a guy,” or “Yes, it’s not just the guys job to express interest.” And I understand these statements and generally agree with them. But we also need to remember what happened in Ruth 2 before we start focusing so much on what Ruth did in Chapter 3.

As we discussed, Boaz had a life desirable to a woman before he met the woman God had for him. He was well respected in the community. And he had the ability to bless Ruth before he even met Ruth.

I’m certainly not accusing Ruth of being a gold-digger. All I’m saying is that if you want a woman to want you like Ruth wanted Boaz, you need to have your life together so a woman has a reason to want you. Men can see a pretty woman and just want her. Women aren’t like that. They want a man who will be a good provider, protector, and spiritual leader. They want to submit, but they want to submit to someone who is worthy of it (Ephesians 5:22-25).

Most men are waiting for a woman to come and make them feel strong. They want a woman because the woman makes them feel like a man. A man of God, however, does not go to a woman to find his masculine strength; rather, he goes to a woman to offer his masculine strength.

Boaz wasn’t the type of guy whining about being alone, whining about how there are no godly women left, whining about being single as though it’s all the women’s fault. No, he was a man handling his business and when a woman was in need that he could help, he helped her. Naturally that woman then liked him.

For a woman to want you like Ruth wanted Boaz (Ruth 3), you first need to offer her your strength like Boaz did to Ruth (Ruth 2).

3. Respond Quickly and Clearly Once a Woman Sends You a Signal that She Likes You

Once Ruth sent Boaz the sign that she wanted him, he didn’t need her to keep initiating. He didn’t ask her to validate him over and over again, “Are you sure Ruth? Are you sure you really like me?” He made a very clear and quick action in response (Ruth 3:10-13).

He took the lead and made it happen (Ruth 4:13). If you want to be a man like Boaz, respond quickly and clearly when you sense a woman trying to send you signs like a woman does who is trying to be like Ruth.

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