4 Signs Satan Is Tempting You to Chase the Right Person at the Wrong Time

Song of Solomon 3:5

Here are 4 instances where Satan could be tempting you to chase the right person at the wrong time.

1. If You and This Person Seem to Have Chemistry But You Are Being Tempted to Skip the Process Needed for Healthy Emotional Bonding, Satan May Be Tempting You to Chase the Right Person at the Wrong Time

You must be careful that you don’t assume you know that someone is the right person for you but the reason you are not together yet is just because it’s the wrong time. God may be allowing issues in the timing to let you know this is not the person for you. Oftentimes it’s the wrong time and the wrong person.

The only way you will be able to know if this is the right or wrong person for you is by going through the healthy stages that always occur in biblical emotional bonding. Biblical emotional bonding is when a man and woman get emotionally connected in a safe way that protects each other’s heart and results in a relationship that brings God more glory.

Satan will try to ruin this type of relationship by tempting you to go too fast. You can’t rush biblical emotional bonding. All you can do is trade it for unbiblical infatuation. If you are getting emotionally attached to someone you don’t actually know that well, you are actually just infatuated with them because it’s impossible to love someone in truth if you don’t know that person in truth.

If all you know is superficial information, your mind will fill in the blanks yourself when there is something you don’t know about this person. When you have not had the time to really uncover who someone is, you will answer all the unanswered questions with what you hope is true rather than what is actually true.

If you want a biblical emotional bond with someone, take your time. As Song of Solomon 3:5 states, “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”

2. If You or This Person Just Got Out of an Unhealthy Relationship and You Have Not Had Time to Properly Heal, Satan May Be Tempting You to Chase the Right Person at the Wrong Time

If we don’t take the time to heal after getting hurt in relationships, that hurt will remain when we are in new relationships. Since we can’t deny those hurt feelings, we will act on them. But since we are with someone new, we will only be projecting the wounds we received from someone else onto this new person.

Satan wants this in your relationships because there’s nothing you can do about it in your new relationship. If you or this person you like are projecting past wounds onto each other, you can’t do anything to help each other because these issues don’t relate to this relationship.

Psalm 51:10 states, “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” If you need more time to experience what this verse is talking about, don’t fall for Satan’s temptation to jump into a new relationship even if it seems like this is the right person because it might still be the wrong time.

3. If You or This Person Have a Need to Go Slow Because of Past Trauma But You or This Person Is Pressing to Go Fast, Satan May Be Tempting You to Chase the Right Person at the Wrong Tim

This point sounds similar to point 2 but it’s slightly different. Sometimes people haven’t been healed at all from past wounds and thus they should not be pursuing a new relationship. At other times, however, you will have been healed enough to start a new relationship but you will still need to go slow with this new person you are connecting with.

If you wait to start dating until you feel perfect and ready to start dating, you will never date anyone because we all are always going to be dealing with some internal issues that will make us feel like we are not ready to love. Growth is a process, as 2 Corinthians 3:18 states, “And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.”

Sometimes it’s not that you are not ready to date it’s just that you need to date slower. If Satan is tempting you to rush things but you or this person has had trauma in the past that requires you to go slow so you don’t get scared off, this means you could be pursuing the right person but it might just be the wrong time to go all in.

4. If God Has Told You to Fast from Relationships So You Can Focus on Jesus More But You Are Being Tempted to Focus Less on Him Because of This Person You Like, Satan May Be Tempting You to Chase the Right Person at the Wrong Time

There are times in our journey where the Holy Spirit will tell us to call a timeout on everything so that we can specifically refocus on him. Sometimes God will tell you to fast from dating because if you are always dating or always looking to date it can be difficult to connect with the Lord like you need to if you hope to date in a glorifying way one day.

By refusing to date or even think about dating for a short period of time so you can refocus on Christ completely, you are oftentimes speeding up the time for when you will be ready to date. If you never stop so you can put God first, you may never be ready (Matthew 6:33).

Fasting from dating should be short if you feel called to get married one day. Don’t stop dating forever if you want to be married. But if you know God told you to fast now so you will be ready to date faster, Satan will oftentimes try to tempt you to chase a relationship even if this is the right relationship because he knows it’s the wrong time.

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