How to Quickly Identify a Woman Who Likes You Versus a Toxic Woman Who Is Playing You

Proverbs 5:3

Does that woman like you or is she just using you emotionally? Does she enjoy your friendship because she’s getting to know you before dating, or does she just want to be your friend forever? Is she a healthy Christian woman or a toxic woman just stringing you along for selfish reasons?

In this article, we will discuss how to identify a toxic woman who is just using you in friendship and will never date you.

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A Woman Fears Being Alone. Thus, Toxic Women Often Use a Man Emotionally Until She Finds a Man She Actually Wants to Date

Generally speaking, if a guy and woman are close friends, what this usually means is that one of them likes the other but they know the best they can get is friendship. In other words, far too often, close friends from the opposite sex are just using each other emotionally until they find someone they actually want to commit to in a romantic relationship. 

While I know men really do this with women too, I have to say that I have found more women leading men on in friendship than men leading women on in friendship. Men are typically willing to lead a woman on in a more direct way by dating her shortly and then leaving her once they get sex. But since women aren’t after sex like men are, they often keep the man in the friendzone and they use him emotionally until a guy comes along that she wants to be romantic with. 

If a woman is using you emotionally by asking you to be everything a boyfriend would be without any of the benefits of a boyfriend (not talking about sexual things here, just talking about the benefits of commitment a girlfriend offers), then this woman is using you. I know it’s tempting to think you might win her over by being friends with her longer, but honestly all you are probably doing is making her lose more and more respect for you. If she knows she can control you and drag you along, she will know you are not the type of strong man that can lead her in marriage one day. 

So the best thing to do is move on and stop playing this emotional game with her. Let her know you would be happy to date her, but if she just wants to be friends forever you will need to move on. 

(For more on this, read through Proverbs 5 so you know how to avoid a woman who just wants to use you for selfish reasons.)

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