3 Biblical Shifts God Will Use to Help You Locate Your Person

Matthew 7:1-5

God knows who you will marry, when you will meet them, and how you two will become a couple.

However, he still requires your active participation to accomplish his will for your future marriage. To accomplish what he wants to give you, oftentimes he requires you to make a shift in a certain part of your life.

Here are 3 biblical shifts God will often create in our hearts to help us locate the person he wants us to marry.

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1. God Will Help You Locate Your Person By Helping You Shift from a “Find The One” Mentality Into a “Be The One” Mentality

God has a way of helping your person find you once you are ready to be found.

Of course the same principle is true for your future spouse. They will need to be ready for marriage before God reveals this person to you. However, that aspect of the relationship equation is out of your hands. All you can you control is you.

Throughout the Scriptures, God clearly teaches us that while we should be concerned with the spiritual development of others, the vast majority of our spiritual focus should be on ourselves (Matthew 7:1-5). While this is crucial for our walk with God, which is most important, there are also many practical relationship benefits to this shift in focus as well.

When you spend more time becoming the one rather than looking for the one, you are creating the natural ingredients that God usually uses to help you meet the person he wants you to be with. When you are growing spiritually, learning, serving, and living your life for the glory of God, you will naturally meet other people on the same path God has you on.

More often than not, when you are on this path, you won’t even have to intentionally look for your spouse. You two will naturally find each other as you travel on the same biblical paths for the glory of God.

2. God Will Help You Locate Your Person By Helping You Shift from a Private Christian Walk to a Public Christian Walk

A private walk with God is much different than a personal walk with God. Attending church is much different than being an active member of a church. And serving others will increase your connectivity with people much more than waiting to be served by them.

All that to say, when you make the shift from being private in your faith to public in your faith, one of the natural benefits to this shift is that other mature Christians will be able to gravitate towards you much easier.

People usually pair off together once they realize they have the most important core qualities in common. A private faith not only minimizes your effectiveness for Christ, but it will also rob you of the many partnerships God wants to bless you with, including when it comes to the marriage partnership (1 Peter 3:7, Romans 16:3).

3. God Will Help You Locate Your Person By Helping You Shift from a Perfectionist to a Biblical Pragmatist

Ironically, perfectionist are also usually procrastinators. The pressure they put on themselves to do everything perfect causes them to postpone ever starting in the first place. They know once they begin something, mistakes are bound to happen. Thus, in fear of mistakes, they often get paralyzed by their unrealistic need for perfection.

As I’m sure you can see, this type of mindset is deadly when it comes to relationships. When you think you need to be perfect and when you think your future spouse needs to be perfect, usually you just remain single forever because of all the pressure you are putting on yourself and others.

Through the gospel, God places the perfections of Christ onto us as we learn to walk towards perfection in practical ways. Hebrews 10:14 states, “For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.”

Sanctification is the process of maturing spiritually. If you never begin the process, you will actually remain much further away from perfection compared to starting and learning to deal with the mistakes along the way.

When you meet the person God wants you to marry, neither of you will be perfect. Rather, you will both have to learn to be biblical pragmatists as you grow together in this imperfect world. When you make this shift, you are much better equipped to meet the person God has for you.

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