4 Signs God Is Telling You to Stop All Communication with a Man

It can be really difficult for a woman to know when she should stop talking to a man. Is he pursuing you or playing you? Is he trying to be respectful by going slow or is he just too passive? Is he inconsistent for a good reason or is he just a flaky man who is wasting your time?

Here are 4 signs God often uses when telling a woman to stop all communication with a man.

  1. If This Man Needs a Wakeup Call that You Are Not Going to Wait Forever for Him to Pursue You, God May Lead You to Stop Talking to Him

It’s easy for a woman to get stuck in relationship limbo with a man. She knows he is supposed to be the pursuer, so she doesn’t want to express her feelings too clearly in fear she will be the pursuer; but she also doesn’t want to sit around waiting forever. She wonders if she’s moving on too fast and thus missing out on something good God has for her, while also wondering if she is waiting too long and missing something else that God has for her.

When things seem to be going well with a man but he’s not expressing his feelings for you as quickly as you would like, the first thing I think you should do is be more inviting (Ruth 3:1-5). Talk to him more, invite him to participate in a common interest with you, and make sure you respond positively when he does pursue you. If he senses you want him to pursue you, he’s more likely to do so.

However, if he’s still dragging his feet, sometimes you need to start moving on. If he senses he’s about to lose you, he will start pursuing you more intentionally if he really likes you. If he’s not that serious, he’ll just let you walk away.

  1. If You Already Told This Man You Don’t Want to Date Him But He Keeps Pursuing You, God May Lead You to Stop Talking to Him

Another reasons many women get stuck wondering if they should keep talking to a man or not is because they feel bad to ignore him. For example, I’ve heard many women say that they know they should move on from a man that is not good for them, but this man keeps contacting them. They ask, “How can I move on if this man keeps pursuing me even though I’ve told him to stop? I said I’m not interested in him but he keeps contacting me?”

For some women, this is very hard because they really hate to disappoint people. It pains them to think about hurting someone’s feelings. However, there’s really no other option in a situation like this. If you already told a man you don’t want to talk to him anymore but he keeps calling, you are totally free to completely block him.

I don’t think you should just block a man you’ve been talking to without explaining yourself. But if you already told him you don’t want to keep this connection going, you just have to stop responding to him. He will stop trying if you stop responding. It may take awhile, but eventually he will give up.

The truth is, many women blame this persistent man for this unwanted connection, but deep down they don’t want to give him up. They know God doesn’t want them with this man, but they also like him and don’t want to lose him. So they keep responding when the man calls.

Settle it in your heart to follow God and not this man (Galatian 1:10). By submitting yourself to the Lord, you will find the courage to stop communicating with this man.

Additionally, he’s a grown man. He’s responsible for his own feelings. You did your best to be kind. If he’s hurt when you start ignoring him, let him deal with that himself.

  1. If There Was No Commitment Made and This Man Is Basically a Stranger to You, God May Lead You to Just Stop Talking to Him

Another common issue that causes confusion in relationships is misapplying relationship principles in the wrong context. In other words, you should not treat all interactions with men the same. While you want to be respectful at all times, different interactions with men warrant different levels of investment from you.

For example, if you are trying online dating and you talk to a man once over chat, it would not be wrong of you to start ignoring his messages. It could be more hurtful to explain what you don’t like about him. He should get the picture that you are not interested if you stop responding to him.

On the other hand, if you went out to coffee a few times with a man who goes to your church, it would be rude to just not respond to him anymore. In an instance like that, a brief explanation that you don’t see yourself dating him would suffice.

Do what your conscience is leading you to do (Romans 14:23, 1 Corinthians 8:7).

  1. If You Know You Are Blocking God’s Blessings By Keeping the Conversation Going, God Will Lead You to Stop Talking to This Man

How do you feel the next day after you talk to this man? Do you feel like you’ve obeyed God by talking to this man or disobeyed God? If you feel guilty after the initial rush wears off after talking to this man, this is a good sign God is telling you to let him go and end all communication.

As Romans 14:12 (NIV) states, “So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.”

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