4 Reasons God Allowed You to Dream About Someone

Psalm 119:169

Why did God allow you to have a dream about someone? Do these dreams mean God wants you to be with this person? Is this a sign this person is your future spouse?

Here are 4 possible reasons God is allowing you to dream about someone.

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1. God Could Be Allowing You to Dream About Someone Because He Is Sending You a Level 2 Sign and Probably Not a Level 1 Sign and Definitely Not a Level 3 Sign

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I believe there are basically three main types of signs. To understand what I’m about to say in regards to dreams, we need to quickly review this information about signs. Otherwise it will be really easy to misunderstand what I am saying here. So stick with me. This information can be heady but it’s really important.

The first type of sign is what I refer to as “signs and wonders.” These types of signs are supernatural events that God causes to occur for a specific purpose. These are biblical. For example, when Daniel had a prophetic dream in Daniel 7 or Pharoh had a dream that Joseph interpreted in Genesis 41 or Nebuchadnezzar had a dream in Daniel 2, these would be example of “signs and wonders.” Do I believe God can still communicate to us in these ways? I do, but I also believe he rarely does communicate like this now because he has now given us his Spirit and his written word to guide us. When it comes to level 1 signs (i.e., signs and wonders), we are told not to seek after these things (Matthew 12:38-42). If God wants to do them, he will do them. 

The second type of sign is what I’m always talking about in my articles and videos when I say something like, “3 Signs God wants you to do this,” or “5 Signs God wants you to do that.” I define these types of signs as “evidence for what God wants you to do.” I believe God is always communicating to us and guiding us. For example, when God communicates through his word by pointing out a specific command relevant to your question, this is a sign, meaning it is evidence for what God wants you to do. For example, when Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 10:11-14 to observe how a town receives them to help guide their decision on if they should stay or go, this was him telling them to look for evidence (i.e., a sign). If the town received their message, this was evidence God wanted them to stay. If the town rejected their message, this was evidence God wanted them to go. A level 2 sign is what we should always be looking for when we are trying to figure out what God wants us to do.

The third type of sign is what most people are looking for in the world. This is an unbiblical type of sign that I label as “horoscopes and superstitions.” This is when someone adds their own interpretation or meaning to a random event. So if you think God is telling you to date someone named Sarah because you saw a street sign named “Sarah Lane,” this would be you adding your own interpretation to something random. You also passed other street signs of people’s names you know, but those are not signs you should date those people. They are just street signs.

I bring all this up because we can apply these principles to dreams as well. Could God send you a level 1 sign through a dream? Yes, but that rarely happens because God has given us his word and his Spirit lives in us. So we should not need such grand signs anymore if we are following the Spirit and trusting God’s word in faith.

Most of the time people are using a level 3 type of sign when it comes to their dreams which is unbiblical and unwise. The fact is, most of our dreams don’t mean anything. Our brains are just working while we sleep and causing us to have odd stories and images run through our minds. If you need to add your own interpretation to a weird dream, it probably means you are doing too much and reading too much into this.

For the rest of this article, I’ll give you a few examples of some level 2 types of signs that God could be sending you through a dream about someone so you can gain some evidence about what he wants you to do or not do.

(I’ve talked more about this topic in my article called How to Interpret Dreams and Prophecies About Relationships and Your Future Marriage.)

2. God Could Be Allowing You to Dream About Someone to Help You Realize You Really Do Like This Person

While I don’t believe it is wise to break a dream down and apply specific meanings to each little detail in the dream, I do think it is wise to realize your mind is connected to your heart.

Let’s say you have a dream about someone you work with. In real life you two are just casual friends. Through talking recently, however, you come to find out this person is a Christian too and attends a church you’ve heard good things about. Now your interest has peaked a bit and you wonder if you two could be something more one day. That night, you then have a dream where you two are standing at the altar getting married. What does this mean?

It probably doesn’t mean God is telling you that you two will be married one day. You could be married one day, I just don’t think you should interpret that dream in that way. In my opinion, this dream probably just means that you like this person. Remember, your heart and mind are connected. Perhaps while you are sleeping your mind is just manifesting a feeling in your heart.

But this is actually really valuable information that God can use. One of the most confusing parts about the beginning of a relationship is trying to figure out if you actually like someone or not. This dream shouldn’t be used as evidence that this person likes you. Rather, it can be used as evidence that you actually do like this person, which is helpful to know about yourself so you can accept this fact and pray about what you should do next.

As a sidenote, though, if you already know in your heart you don’t like this person and know you would never want to date this person, then you don’t need to read into this dream. It would then just be a random story your mind was making up. Maybe it was just your mind playing on your heart’s desire to be married and your mind just inserted this person because you interacted with them that day. This could be evidence you want to be married and this person in the dream was inconsequential.

The truth is, a dream like that could tell you something or it could mean absolutely nothing. This is why we should not spend too much time thinking about dreams but we should spend more time thinking about God’s word; in the Bible, we know there is meaning and truth that God will guide us with.

As Psalm 119:169 says, “Let my cry come before you, O Lord; give me understanding according to your word!”

3. God Could Be Allowing You to Dream About Someone to Help You See You Are Thinking About This Person Too Much Throughout the Day

Another piece of helpful evidence God could give you through a dream can be that you are thinking too much about someone and it has become unhealthy for you. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about someone, liking someone, or hoping you two date one day. But whatever is at the forefront of our minds is what we are currently worshiping.

Colossians 3:2 states, “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” This doesn’t mean you can’t ever think about things on this earth. It just means you should not “set your mind” on something other than God. Who is consuming your thoughts? God or a person?

Sometimes we just dream about whatever we thought about the most that day. For example, I’ve noticed that when I have a deadline or something I’m waiting to do that I really don’t want to forget to do, I have a reoccurring dream where I’m back at my high school but I can’t remember what class I’m supposed to be at that day. My anxiety about something I’m waiting to do in my real life gets expressed through this reoccurring dream of forgetting my schedule when I was a teenager. My wife has a similar reoccurring dream where she is stressing out about taking the test to become a RN again. She’s already passed that test but stress can cause her brain to have that dream.

This same thing can be happening with you and this relationship dream you keep having. Relationships are made by God. It’s not wrong to think about someone. But if you are thinking so much about someone you have all kinds of anxious feelings inside of you and then this is causing you to dream about this person, this could be evidence that God wants you to not think about this person so much.

4. God Could Be Allowing You to Dream About Someone to Cause You to Pray More About the Possibility of a Relationship with Him or Her

Dreams are really confusing. Trying to find meaning in every dream is even more confusing. But one thing I’ve learned in life and through studying the Bible is that God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33) but he does sometimes use the confusion in our lives to draw us closer to him. Again, I’m not saying God will cause you to be confused. But being confused is a sign you should seek God’s wisdom and clarity more passionately in prayer.

So the confusion you have from this dream about someone could just be a sign that God wants you to pray more with him about this relationship. Through prayer you will gain peace about whether or not you should pursue something more with this person or if you should just move on (Philippians 4:6-7, James 1:5-8).

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