5 Weird Things God Often Uses to Reveal a Woman’s Husband to Her

Psalm 119:105

While there will be some very clear signs when God is truly revealing your future husband to you, there will also be elements to this experience that will feel odd.

Sometimes God allows strange things to happen so that you know you are not the one orchestrating these events. Only God can bring a man and woman together in a glorifying way (Matthew 19:6).

Therefore, here are 5 weird things God often uses to reveal a woman’s future husband to her.

1. God Will Often Introduce You to Your Future Husband Through the One Method You Said You Would Never Try

Be careful when using the word “never.” To accomplish his own purposes, God has a way of leading people to do the very thing they said they would never do. For example, when God chose Peter to highlight how all foods were now clean, Peter said, “By no means, Lord; for I have never eaten anything that is common or unclean” (Acts 10:14). Perhaps God chose Peter to accomplish this task because this was one thing Peter said he was not willing to do. Thus, when Peter did it, everyone would know God was really in it.

In a similar way, there comes points in our lives when God will lead us to do the very thing we said we would never do in order to show us this is truly his will and not our own. For example, perhaps you’ve said, “I will never try online dating,” or “I will never try online dating again,” or “I will never date a friend,” or “I will never date a man from work.”

God won’t always lead us to do the very thing we said we would not do, but sometimes he does lead us to this.

2. God Will Often Help You Meet Your Future Husband Once You Stop Waiting for Him to Find You

I’m not saying all women need to try harder to find the man God has for them. Each of our stories are different. Some women need to try harder to meet a man and some women need to try less hard.

However, I would say that most Christian women lean too far on the passive side. Because Christians know it is a man’s job to pursue, many women tend to take that too far and expect a man to do everything. That’s not wise.

But doesn’t the Bible say to wait on the Lord? Yes! Of course a woman must wait on the Lord for her future husband. Waiting on the Lord for a husband, however, does not mean waiting for a man to find you. Wait on God, not a man.

When you wait on God, it means you are following him and no one else. You will do what God tells you to do and then let God produce the results only he can produce. Waiting on God gives you the power to then follow God (Isaiah 40:31).

Therefore, some women need a paradigm shift so they can be free from unbiblical passivity. It’s been beat into them for so long that they just need to wait for a man that they’ve stopped actively following God. It might feel weird at first to try something more proactive as a Christian woman; but for some of you, this is exactly what God is waiting for before he will reveal your future husband to you.

When you wait on God, he will make your paths straight; but you still have to walk those paths (Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 119:105).

3. God Will Often Help You Find This Man Once You Stop Looking So Hard

As I said at the beginning of the previous point, each woman is different. There is no formula that all women must follow. Some women are not trying hard enough. Other women, however, are trying too hard.

While it goes against worldly wisdom, sometimes a woman needs to do less to get what she wants. Sometimes her own passionate activity is working against her. Oddly, when these women stop trying so hard, this is often when God decides to bring their future husband into their life.

By loosening your grip and submitting more to God, perhaps you will position yourself to be blessed (Matthew 6:7-8, Matthew 7:7-11).

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4. God Will Often Reveal Your Future Husband By Hiding Him Right Under Your Nose Until the Time Is Right

Many women pray, “Lord, help me to meet the man you want me to marry.” What if God has already answered that prayer but you haven’t noticed. In other words, it’s possible that you have met the man God has called you to marry but you just haven’t realized this man is your future husband.

God does not want a woman’s love for her husband to be awakened until the time is right (Song of Solomon 8:4). Thus, God may not give her eyes to see a certain man as her future husband until that time comes. It can be weird to fall in love with a man you’ve known for years and never had any romantic interest in, but this does happen sometimes.

5. God Will Often Destroy Your Expectations When He’s Revealing Your Future Husband to You

It’s natural to think about what type of man you would want to marry. There are certain biblical qualities he must have. However, much of the other things a woman imagines about her future husband will not happen.

At first, when she’s beginning to realize this man is the one God has for her, it will feel very weird since he is not anything like what she expected. But as time goes on and she gets more and more connected to this man, she will realize how much better God’s plan was than her plan (Ephesians 3:20-21).

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