Christian Relationship Advice: 5 Ways to Ruin a Relationship

ruin relationship

Ephesians 4:31

Every Christian single who gets into a new relationship wants it to work. If you didn’t want it to work, you would not have started dating in the first place. Obviously, however, more Christian dating relationships fail than do succeed.

Sometimes this is just because it was a bad fit, the two realized they didn’t want to be together, or it just wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes, however, there are simply mistakes made in a relationship that cause problems or even breakups.

Here are 5 common ways that people often ruin their relationships.

Would God Ever Call You to Marry Someone You Don’t Like?

God tell you who to marry

1 Corinthians 7:7

Will God tell you who to marry? And if so, is it possible that God would tell you to marry someone you don’t like that much? Could God call you to marry someone you are not attracted to?

Here are three reasons I don’t believe God would call you to marry someone you do not want to marry.

4 Christian Relationship Lessons from the Life of Samson (Judges 13-16)

4 Ways to Ruin Your Love Life

christian relationship lessons

Judges 13-16

There are essentially two ways to learn important life lessons about relationships. You can learn through observation and you can learn through experience. Sadly, when it comes to the warning signs we should head in relationships, we often choose to only learn through our personal experiences.

6 Sacrifices You Can Make in Singleness that Will Really Pay Off One Day in Marriage

Galatians 6:7

Throughout the Bible, we are warned that we always reap what we sow. The choices we made in the past are affecting us right now. And the choices we are making right now will affect us one day in the future. The same is true when it comes to the choices we make in singleness.